The University of Alabama in Huntsville & NASA Marshall Space Flight Center 2020 REU in Heliophysics in Huntsville, AL for The University of Alabama in Huntsville, CSPAR

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The University of Alabama in Huntsville & NASA Marshall Space Flight Center 2020 REU in Heliophysics

The University of Alabama in Huntsville, CSPAR

The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) will host a Research Experience for Undergraduates in the summer of 2020. Ten undergraduate students will be invited to Huntsville, Alabama for 10 weeks to engage in cutting edge heliophysics research with astrophysicists from UAH or NASA. Students in this program will be paired with mentors specializing in heliophysics research from the solar interior to the heliopause: including theory, modeling, computer simulations, data analysis, and instrument design. At the end of the 10-week program, participants will be required to present their research experience. Partial funding (up to $1000) will be provided to attend the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU Meeting Information) or the American Astronomical Society Meeting (AAS Meeting Information).

The program will run between May 26 – July 31, 2020. Students must be available for the entire 10 weeks in order to participate in the program.

Students will be provided a $6000 stipend for the summer. The stipend will include food and living expenses during the program. Additionally, a travel allowance and housing on the UAH campus (shared rooms) will be provided. A linen package will not be provided for the dorms. You will need to supply your own sheets and towels.

Heliophysics researchers from The University of Alabama in Huntsville and NASA Marshall Space Center are both housed in the National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC) located on the UAH campus in Huntsville, Alabama.


Applicants should be full-time, undergraduate students with a GPA of 2.75 or better and majoring in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) fields. Students must be US citizens or green card holders in order to be considered for this program. You must be at least 19 years of age at the beginning of the program in order to be eligible. Rising sophomores, women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

To apply, visit this page. You will need to create an account on our sign-up page to complete this application. In addition, you will have to upload your resume and academic records (for example, transcripts) in PDF format, the contact information for two (2) recommenders, and to answer several essay questions. We recommend that you type your responses to the essay questions in a separate document and copy and paste them into your application. Your references will get an email right when you submit your application – you are responsible to check with them beforehand whether they want to provide a reference for you and let them know that they will get an automated email from us. You will get a notification email when a reference uploads a reference letter. If one or more of your references have not uploaded a letter by the deadline, your application is deemed incomplete. Academic records must be in English and must display the name of the institution, name of the student, completed coursework and grades. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

If selected, you will be required to submit your official transcripts.

Applications and unofficial transcripts must be received by midnight CST on Sunday, March 15th, 2020 (EXTENDED).

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Please click here to reach our REU program website.

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