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SNC’s DVE Technology Mitigates Risk of Operating Helicopters in Bad Weather Conditions such as Fog

SNC said DVE technology already selected for U.S. military helicopters, can also reduce the risk of civil and commercial flight crashes, in cases where visibility is impeded due to weather and other conditions such as fog.

In the News: When Seconds Count

Sierra Nevada Corporation is bringing its military tested eHealth and remote monitoring solution to civilian air medical operations to help save time and lives.

In the News: NASA-Backed ‘Dream Chaser’ Spaceplane is Unlike Any Other Spacecraft

Video summary: This spacecraft is the stuff of space dreams! The state-of-the-art Dream Chaser is the only spacecraft NASA currently funds that can move within the atmosphere, and that’s just the beginning.

In the News: Five Features That Make Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser Spaceplane Unique

Dream Chaser is something different. It is a lifting body with winglets that can land on any runway in the world measuring at least 10,000 feet in length. In fact, with retirement of the Space Shuttle nearly a decade ago, Dream Chaser is the only spacecraft NASA currently funds that is capable of maneuvering within the atmosphere.

In the News: Dream Chaser on Track for 2021 Cargo Mission, Crew Within 5 Years

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is on track for the first cargo flight of its Dream Chaser spacecraft next year.

In the News: Astronaut Kavandi’s new mission

Janet Kavandi arrived at the Space Systems headquarters of Sierra Nevada Corp. in September to lead its space work as senior vice president of programs. Space Systems is in the midst of a growth plan as it prepares to launch cargo to the space station and is vying for roles in human spaceflight.

In the News: Soldiers Train in Mass Casualty Scenarios to Test New Medical Communication Device

The Army’s newest medical communication device is just one study away from being procured and fielded – the Medical Hands-free Unified Broadcast, or MEDHUB.

In the News: Colorado-built Dream Chaser, successor to the space shuttle, turning into reality

Production of a successor to NASA’s space shuttle will get underway in Colorado and will be overseen by a former U.S. Air Force pilot and astronaut who piloted two shuttle flights and commanded another three.

In the News: USS Kearsarge Transits The Suez Canal With Anti-Drone Buggies Keeping Watch On Deck

If the target is deemed unfriendly, a Modi jammer can be turned on to target and break the data-link between the drone and its controller on the ground.

Sierra Nevada Corporation Signs Two NextSTEP-2 Contracts with NASA

SNC has formalized its agreement with NASA under Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships-2 (NextSTEP-2), signing a contract to design and develop a prototype for a deep space habitat.

Sierra Nevada Corporation’s STPSat-5 Satellite Completes Ground Compatibility Testing

SNC’s Space Test Program Mission 5 (STPSat-5) satellite moved another step closer to launch, successfully completing its Factory Compatibility Test with NASA’s Near-Earth Network and the NASA Ames Multi-Mission Operations Center.

Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser ® Spacecraft Passes Major NASA Milestone after Free-Flight Test

SNC’s Dream Chaser program passed a major NASA milestone for its Commercial Crew Integrated Capability (CCiCAP) contract with the completion of a successful Free-Flight test, which produced subsonic flight and landing performance data

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