MiG-29 flight to Stratosphere



What are the features of this program?

MiG-29 Flight to Stratosphere and Aerobatics Experience after the reduction is a comprehensive program consisting of two subprograms, which are mixed together. The total duration of this flight program is 40 – 45 minutes.

The duration of the first part of the program is nearly 20 minutes. You will take off from the runway and slowly, without any overloading reach an altitude of 10 km. Then the pilot will accelerate the aircraft to Supersonic Speed (2100 km/h) and you will reach the altitude of 18-19 km above Earth.

After reaching the top altitude you will see one of the most exciting views that is available to humanity! Absolutely dark space and the bright sun… It is impossible to explain what you will see, you just have to feel it. Also you will see a huge round part of Earth, that will show you the real size of our planet. You will remember for all your life these seconds in the Stratosphere! No more than even a thousand people ever reached this altitude …Let me remind you, that the conventional passenger aircraft is usually flying on a height of 9 – 10 km. And our MiG 29 flight to the stratosphere will allow you to rise two times higher than that and see the Earth like no one did!

The second part of the program will start from the descent out of the Stratosphere. After decreasing to a low altitude, the pilot will perform Aerobatic Maneuvers. Usually, they will run from simple to advanced, from small overloads to more serious, of course, after that part is discussed with You. Inside the Jet Fighter cockpit you will have a constant communication link with your pilot, who will always be in course of your current health and your tolerance towards all the Aerobatics. Duration of the second part will be nearly 20-25 minutes which includes decrease and Aerobatic Experience.

Exactly because of that “Edge of Space” and Aerobatic Experience, this flight program became complex and the most popular among our clients. Actually, the climb to the Stratosphere (18-19 km) does not require any special physical preparation for the overloads. We call this program “Maximum emotions with the minimum discomfort”. Therefore, this program is more often bought as a gift for loved ones, business partners, for any celebration days or purchased just for yourself to have a once in a lifetime MiG-29 flight experience.

One interesting fact is that most of our clients, who are interested in “Edge of Space” and Aerobatic Experience, are 73-75 years old. We had a huge amount of such clients. Women especially give this flight program the most attention. Approximately, 25-30% of all people who had a MiG 29 flight program “Edge of Space” and Aerobatic Experience are women. Moreover, most of the clients had never before sat at a Jet Fighter and, of course, didn’t have any trainings before the MiG29 flight.

We invite you to take a part in the Unique MiG-29 flight program “Edge of Space” and Aerobatic Maneuvers with our company!

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