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Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is an indie game developed by Squad in which the player can build and fly their very own planes and space craft across the Kerbal Solar System. Factors such as stability, aerodynamics and weight must be taken into account and the game tries to be as Newtonian as possible. The game itself has no real goal other than to explore and mess around in the solar system with which you are provided, and many people, including Robbaz himself, have built a variety of spacecraft which they have used to explore the system and generally mess around (for instance Robbaz built a resort on the moon of the gas giant in the system called Jool). Below is a list of ships and missions, written in chronological order by the Viking Space Program; an organisation founded by Robbaz in 880AD after he had become tired of pillaging England and decided it was time for space to be pillaged.

Space Mission Edit

His first attempt, `Nipple Sky Penetrator Mk. 1` was a failure, as its primary engines exploded due to overheating, followed shortly by the secondary stage as well. The command module then plummeted to the ground. He relaunched the Mark 1 with additional rockets, but it was unstable and fell over on the launch site.

The Nipple Sky Penetrator Mark 1.

Nipple Sky Penetrator Mk. 2

The second tier ship was the same as the first, but with a `Christmas Tree Foot` design. It disintergrated immediately and sent the Kerbals spiralling to their death. The redesigned Mark 2. included several more stages and SAS, allowing the ship to fly smoothly and effectively. This was the first ship to escape the atmosphere of Kerbin, but running out of fuel, the command module was left to float through space.

Mun (Moon) Edit

Mission: To claim Mun for the Vikings.

With a design based around the triangle – the most flawless object you can make – Robbaz was confident of success. While slow at first, his craft made it into the outer atmosphere, but started to spin violently, tearing the ship apart. The second launch of the ship was quick to drift out of control and aim straight for the ground.

“What’s the difference? I added more rockets to my rockets. Fucking genius, this is beyond genius if you ask me. This is fucking flawless. ” – Robbaz when explaining the jump between V.E. Mk.2 and 3.

After a successful launch and detachment of the primary stage, the secondary rockets were detached while still activing, pushing the Explorer out of its line of elavation, and due to weight, it fell back to Kerbin way to quickly. Somehow though, the module survived.

The final launch was a sucess of sorts. The ship reached an orbit, and managed to reach the Mun. However, its fuel was depleted and the parachute didn’t open, causing the lander to smash into the surface.

An unnamed craft, but codenamed the `Liberator ` – As Robbaz said he’d use it to liberate the Moon from the Moon Nazis – was a catastrophic failure. Its first Mark failed to leave the launch pad due to an uneven payload, and the second snapped in two due to too much power.

The prior four Marks were never shown, although the design was probably based on the second incarnation of the `Liberator `. The ship successfully reached space and made a course for Mun. The lander was set for a success, but Robbaz accidently seperated the stages before opening the parachute, leading to his second collision with Mun.

The first launch was an embarrasment for Robbaz, as the power was too great, and he watched the ship explode mere metres above the launchpad. However, during his second launch he managed to successfully land the module on Mun, before sending it home.

Space Station Edit

Mission: To set up a space station in the orbit of Kerbin.

After Robbaz heard the news of an update to KSP, he was quick to design his first satelite, which included a listening device, which he planned to use to spy on Kim Jong Un. He then proceeded to add solar panels to please the hippies, before constructing a rocket to get the station into space, which he entitled the Tittystargalactica Gen 2.

This rocket was a very large, high powered engine with the specific purpose of carrying a heavy weight into space. Before it was launched however, Robbaz questioned how it was supposed to stay together. His fears became real when the ship engines collided and exploded. Upon his second launch, the engines overheated, and as the space station fell to earth the parachutes managed to open. But the sudden force and sheer weight of the space station were too much, and the craft was torn in two.

The third launch was no better. As Robbaz got into the atmosphere and begun to change his angle of elavation, he detached the rockets, but they collided with the station due to the speed they were travelling at already.

His final launch was perfect. Playing a much more cautious game, Robbaz detached the engines easily, and managed to get the station into an orbit around Kerbin. With the station successfully in orbit, Robbaz started to send back reports based on the movements of Kim Jong Un, who Robbaz had intended on spying on throughout the mission. He finished by sending Bill Kerman on a space walk to give his new home a one-off safety check.

This ship was launched after the cameras stopped rolling, so we know nothing about it, except that it was almost visually indentical to its predessecor.

Robbaz designed the Master Cube station from the idea of having a station in orbit to house spaceplanes. The design was extremely simple, being a hollow cube with aircraft bays. Along with the station Robbaz designed cube shaped fighter planes to match. By the end of the 4 episode series, the cube had crashed in the desert, and Robbaz launched a “final offensive” against the cube. One of the strategies he used was to send the prestigious Jeb to attack the Cube, which ended with Jeb surviving yet another aircraft explosion. The cube was finally destroyed after Robbaz built a jet with many bombs attached to it. This suicide mission was flown by the heroic Tombree Kermin.

Docking Edit

Mission: To launch his first commercial space flight, and refuel it at the Tittystargalactica.

Jumbo Jet Viking Airliner

To please the Kerbals stuck on the ground, Robbaz designed a four-wing jumbo jet which had a number one priority of `safety` .

Unsuprisingly, it had a few technical issues. Namely, as the ship exited the atmosphere, the launch engines were detached, and shortly after the ship went into a backwards roll, from which Robbaz could not pull out. We see the plane plummet towards the ocean of Kerbin. The next shot we see the plane’s rear right wing is missing, with all four heavy duty parachutes deployed. As the plane spins downward towards the ocean, Robbaz gives one last speech to his passengers, explaining their imminent demise.

After, his second launch was a success, Robbaz’s biggest issue was docking a jet plane to the TSG Gen 3. (This gen was unseen With no brakes, the two ships collided in mid air, with debris being spread throughout space. As the ship crashed, Robbaz proceeded to sing “Don’t stop me now” by Queen.

After adding MonoPropulsion engines, Robbaz was able to successfully brake and dock the ship and start the fueling process, which he described as `like a baby’s first suckle of the nipple. ` He then announced to his passengers that they’d watch the in-flight movie, `The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. ` Again, he sent Bill to take a space walk around the ship.

Duna (Mars) Edit

Mission: To send a Kerbal to Mars.

A Mars probe based on an `Ant Design` , it was covered in solar panels. Thus, it was horribly slow. To combat this, Robbaz strapped a missile onto the back of it, which sent it into the ocean.

Robbaz then proceeded to launch the Probe the conventional way, by strapping it to a `big, hard rocket ` . The power though was too great, as the rocket soon ripped itself apart.

We next see the ProbeRacer slowly being sucked into the atmosphere of Mars. Noting the immensely low fuel levels, Robbaz admits that the trip was one way – but also refuses to tell Jebediah, the current astronaut. The landing, while a little fast, is successful, and so Jebediah is sent to explore the planet (That Robbaz nickname’s The Cheesecake) and find alien life.

The very boringly named `GasFuelStation` was built to fuel the rescue craft as it travelled to Duna to save Jeb, who had been abandoned there in the previous video. Robbaz launched the ship, fearing its instability, and was no suprised to see a whole half the ship explode and fly away. Thus, he re-enforced the ship, quoting it will `fly like a baby` . Unsuprisingly, the ship did not leave the launch pad, instead exploding in a fire ball. He finally got the GFS into space, before docking it onto the TittyStarGalactica Gen. 4 (Which already had the Jumbo Jet Viking Airliner docked to it as well)

The rescue craft itself, he built the smallest and most nimble craft he could. He tested the craft and its weight by launching the pod alone, which broke on impact, but maintaned shape. His second test failed, and his third launch was classed as being close enough. Bob was sent out of the pod and proceeded to break his neck.

He successfully docked the fully prepared ship with the TSG in Kerbin’s orbit, and after refuelling, he was ready to leave for Duna.

After nearly colliding with the Mun, he arrived at the planet, and as he entered orbit, all of his landing legs fell away. Unphased, he activated the engines and started its decent. After the parachutes nearly caused him to crash, he sucessfully landed on the planet. Jeb, sensing his freedom, quickly drove over to the ship in his buggy, and climbed up the ladder. However, Robbaz realized that there was not enough space in the three man command module for Jeb, and so he set Luler the task of holding onto the side of the rocket as it left Duna. He did not survive.

Space Roover Edit

Mission: To build a Mun Roover that could work on Mun and Duna.

Built using electrical wheels, Robbaz launched a Roover, which was piloted by his newest astronaut, `Fotbawl` . The Roover reached the Mun successfully, but crashed into the surface due to intense speed. Robbaz attempted to correct the situation by spinning the craft like a propeller however, this failed. Fotbawl miracoulusly survived the crash and was launched into a suborbital trajectory, but not for very long. The death of Fotbawl actually led to us hearing Robbaz sing, namely Everybody wants to rule the world, by Tears For Fears .

Seeing success in the MoonRoover, Robbaz kept the design and bolstered more rockets onto the bottom of it. Robbaz had supreme confidence, as he was sending up a hardened space professional, Bob Kerman.

His confidence was well deserved, as his Roover reached Duna and landing successfully, giving Bob another mission to his name.

Colonize Duna Edit

Mission: Sending Kerbals to Duna to set up a base.

Having depleted the fuel in the GasFuelStation, Robbaz decides to launch an entirely new space station with which he can refuel his spacecrafts in orbit. He decides his new station shall be “pimped” with additions such as a “pair of balls” and the ID-Struts, claimed to be strong like “Mike Rowe having a baby with Chuck Norris in a big gay orgy.” His launch stage consists of the traditional plus design made using 17 rockets, which he declares to be “Viking Technology at its finest.” Upon launching, however, he learns that someone left the parking brake on and has to wiggle his ship out. Something somewhere explodes, and his ship climbs up through the atmosphere, to eventually fly apart after he throttles it down. He then reports to Mission Control that they “are out of peanuts,” failing to notice the explosion. On his next attempt, the Fuelstation Mk.2 makes it into orbit.

BALDR was launched out of Kerbin’s orbit commanded by an able crew consisting of John Madden (“the football commentator,” who very understandably was freaking out on ascension) and two other pilots Robbaz neglected to mention. After a very efficient rendezvous with the Fuelstation Mk.2 in which very little fuel was used, Robbaz flew to Duna to land near the seemingly abandoned Roover. Retroburning in a manner that reminded Robbaz of a “Finnish sauna,” BALDR landed on Duna’s surface using its engines as landing gear. Robbaz berated Bob for falling out of the Roover while Aeiou was driving over to BALDR (“Use your seatbelt! Volvo invented them!”) and declared John Madden King of Mars.

Robbaz builds the Badger and equips it with a complement of nuclear-powered cars (for jumping dunes like rednecks) and a rocket plane to fly around on Duna. He lands it on Duna after some Kerbin-side shenanigans and proceeds to have Duna-side shenanigans, two of which result in Kerbal deaths after they fly into the ship on jetpacks. His rocket plane, however, is very maneuverable until it fails to turn, causing Robbaz to abandon it and fly Derwin away using his jetpack. Derwin later flies into the Badger’s ramp, resulting in his death.

Combat Drone and AC-130/65 Edit

Mission: To fight the Corgi Terrorists using ground-attack aircraft.

Robbaz first builds a solar-powered combat drone armed with “missiles auf das Wingen” to fight the Corgi Terrorists. After launching it to a higher altitude using a pair of Solid Rocket Boosters, Robbaz uses his missiles of “peace and liberty, and love and happiness” to take out several of the terrorists before landing on the runway and celebrating with a loud drink that he spills on himself shortly after opening it.

Robbaz then builds an AC130 with rover wheels as landing gear, which he discovers much to the misfortune of the pilot, Steve (“Very well, Steve is dead!”)

Robbaz markets the AC65 as a smaller AC130, with about have the size and several laser guns. These prove very effective at taking out a second wave of Corgi Terrorists until Robbaz flies into his own lasers and the AC65 explodes.

VSP Midgård Edit

The VSP Midgard is a large space explorer constructed in two stages in the orbit of Kerbin, as opposed to on the planet’s surface. With several docking points, a small lunar module was attached to the ship and then launched at the moon, landing with ease. The ship crashed onto the Jool moon of Bop during a rescue mission. Though badly damaged, both sections were able to leave the surface, but only the front part made it back to Laythe. It then crashed into one of the oceans. The loss of it proved to be costly to the company, as its’s successor, the Asgård was not launched for a full year after the crash. Midgård is named after the titular mortal realm in Norse mythology.

VSP Asgård Edit

Asgård was Robbaz’s large space ship that was known for its short term of service. The ship would contain docks for smaller space ships and large fuel tanks. When the game was updated, the ship was decommissioned via atmosphere reentry. Asgård loaned its name from the titular gods’ realm in Norse mythology.

VSP Jötunheimr Edit

Jötunheimr was the latest model of space ship during the time of its creation. The ship is similiar to Asgard with exceptions to its new cockpit and futuristic hull. In addition, Robbaz also launched a cube shaped space station after its launch. While docking settlement probes to be transported to Duna, the ship was destroyed in a mighty explosion, with parts being thrown everywhere. Both Bob and Jeb narrowly survived this accident, with a subsequent rescue operation being launched. Jötunheimr‘s name is based on the realm of the giants from Norse mythology.

VSP Mods Edit

Recently Robbaz has posted an imgur screenshot of his mods folder (I think) for KSP bellow you will find the link to the image + a printed list of the items show in the image.

  • NearFutureElectrical [1]
  • HooliganLabs [2]
  • 000_Toolbar
  • B9_Aerospace [3]
  • MagicSmokeIndustries
  • WheelSounds [4]
  • UmbraSpaceIndustries
  • TextureReplacer [5]
  • CIT
  • 000_USITools
  • CommunityResourcePack [6]
  • ORSX [7]
  • Virgin Kalactic [8]
  • Romfarer [9]
  • SmokeScreen
  • LLL [10]
  • MP_Nazari
  • PartCatalog
  • QuantumStrutsContinued
  • ResGen [11]
  • KAS [12]
  • KineTechAnimation
  • Klockheed_Martian [13]
  • JSI
  • FireSpitter [14]
  • FSHangerExtender [15]
  • CrossFeedEnabler [16]
  • EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements [17]
  • B9_Aerospace_DEPRECATED
  • BoatPartsR3 [18]
  • BoulderCo
  • ActiveTextureManagement [19]
  • NASAmission
  • Squad

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