Follow the progress of the Open Up campaign

Welcome to Open Up.

We are campaigning for an honest, effective and modern democracy; a government of the best possible people, who truly represent us.

We want Open Primaries in every constituency, where the people select their own candidates, and where anyone can put themselves forward to be a candidate.

When do we want to see this reform? By the next parliament, that’s when and to make sure this happens we need your support. Sign our petition, watch our videos to find out why we want to reform the current political system.

We’re going to be blogging throughout the campaign and talking to a range of people to hear their opinions on political reform, from celebrities to political experts and you, the great British public. We want to hear what you think about the campaign and how you can help us achieve our goals.

This is the space on the website where you can follow the campaign’s progress and stay up-to-date on key campaign issues and news.

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