Environmental Test and Integration Services Contract (ETIS) II – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD – Sierra Lobo, Inc

Environmental Test and Integration Services Contract (ETIS) II – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE SLI employees on the ETIS II contract making final preparations for the JWST shipment from Goddard Space Flight Center to Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. A test unit that is a non-flight replica of the James Webb Space Telescope’s (JWST) center backplane. ETIS II employees load the Pathfinder test unit into the STTARS shipping container in preparation for its return trip to GSFC. PATHFINDER for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) SLI employees supported laser tracker/radar and theodite metrology for a gravity sag test Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM) mechanical integration personnel supported mounting and rotational testing OSIRIS-REx SLI employees provide integration support at Goddard Space Flight Center NEUTRON STAR INTERIOR COMPOSITION EXPLORER (NICER) As part of our ETIS II contract, SLI employees performed a TV test on NICER’s X-Ray Timing Instrument (XTI). ICE, CLOUD, AND LAND ELEVATION SATELLITE (ICESat-2) SLI employees supported EMI Testing, Ongoing Design, Fabrication, Certification, and Servicing for the ICESat-2 ATLAS Instrument Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System (ATLAS) Instrument ICE, CLOUD, AND LAND ELEVATION SATELLITE (ICESat-2) SLI employees support Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Testing of the ICESat-2 DEEP SPACE CLIMATE OBSERVER (DSCOVR) Employees of SLI provided shipping and launch support for this space weather and earth observation satellite (EOS) Artist rendering of DISCOVR

SLI won the full and open competition for the Environmental Test and Integration Services II contract (ETIS II) in 2014. We support the Applied Engineering and Technology Directorate’s Mechanical Systems Division at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Greenbelt, Maryland, and at NASA Facilities at Wallops Island, Virginia. As the prime contractor managing six subcontractor teammates, SLI provides engineering and technician support services for the study, design, development, fabrication, integration, test, verification and operations of space flight and ground system hardware and software, and operations of facilities supporting the development of spaceflight hardware.

The GSFC facilities provide environmental test capability that ensures spacecraft and flight experiments will withstand the rigors of launch and will operate properly in harsh space environments. The integration and test programs also have the long-range goals of advancing the state of the art of environmental testing and aiding in the development of improved space flight systems. The GSFC Environmental Test and integration Facilities are one of the most complete and comprehensive complexes within the United States Government.

Goddard Commercialization Program

SLI Commercializes NASA Goddard Test Facilities

As the Prime contractor on the Environmental Test and Integration Services II (ETIS II) contract at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), Sierra Lobo, Inc. has the opportunity to market and commercialize Goddard’s unique test facilities.

This program allows commercial companies to access GSFC’s world-class integration and testing facilities at competitive rates.

Some of the support and services offered include:

    Space Simulation Testing

9′ x 15′ Thermal Vacuum Chamber

High Capacity Centrifuge (HCC)

For a complete list of facility specifications and capabilities, please visit:

Commercialization Program Manager:

Rick Palmisano, Commercial Business Manager

Sierra Lobo provides the following services on the ETIS II contract:

  • Operation, maintenance, and upgrade of environmental test equipment and facilities located in the GSFC Building 7/10/15/29 complex, Area 300 Magnetic Test Site and other technical facilities located at various locations within GSFC including the manufacturing and electroplating equipment and facilities primarily located in GSFC Building 5/10/21 shops
  • Mechanical and optical integration of spacecraft, flight experiment components, instruments, sub-assemblies and systems
  • EMI/EMC and power quality testing for satellites, the International Space Station, and some commercial systems. Testing is performed within a small semi-anechoic chamber, while the large class 10K semi-anechoic clean room is reserved for fully integrated spacecraft testing or within laboratory settings for proto-boards and small instruments
  • Magnetic characterization; dipole moment testing and balancing; perming and de-perming are performed at the Spacecraft Magnetic Test Facility
  • Portable Magnetic testing for static magnetic, dynamic magnetic, and dipole moment testing at offsite customer laboratory and integration areas
  • Design, fabricate, and manufacture custom spacecraft, flight experiment components, instruments, sub-assemblies and systems
  • Design, manufacture, and operation of ground handling equipment and fixtures
  • Design, manufacture, and operation of optical alignment and calibration systems
  • Design, manufacture, and installation of space flight thermal blankets
  • Design, manufacture, and installation of space flight and ground support system cable harnesses
  • Design, manufacture, and installation of technical facilities including buildings, building elements, utility systems, and technical equipment and systems
  • Define, analyze, and resolve electromagnetic radiation issues relating to facility and satellite ground support equipment operation within the test complex
  • Support spectrum signature analysis to insure interference-free and safe operation of all facility-located near electromagnetic wave sensing devices
  • Test and Integration Engineering and engineering analysis
  • Cleanroom operation and maintenance
  • Contamination control services using qualified and experienced personnel
  • Maintenance and operation of certain physical plant systems such as processed water, emergency power, LN2/GN2 storage systems, conditioned cleanroom air HVAC, and humidity systems
  • Recertification (testing and inspection) of lifting devices and equipment (LDE), and (inspection) of pressure vessels and pressurized systems (PVS) at GSFC, Greenbelt, Wallops, and other offsite locations. Maintenance of LDE at Greenbelt site only, not at other sites; Non-destructive examination testing of LDE and PVS
  • Facility and operations safety
  • Data acquisition and analysis system development and management.

Management Functions:

  • Executive and supervisory management
  • Management for facility improvements and Environmental Project Engineering
  • Cost control and contract administration
  • Human resources
  • Equipment and property control
  • Configuration control

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