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makers of gamesweekberlin, VR NOW Con & Awards, Womenize!, and more.

Outreach Games Europe for Kickstarter.

Producer of DUEL VR.

Upcoming Events

February 24, 2020


The EFM VR NOW Summit in Berlin shows how film, television and immersive media like Virtual Reality and 360 video are coming together. Get excited about how entertainment advances today. Get inspired by fantastic stories and opinions of international VR figure heads. Connect with content creators, producers and IP owners from both worlds. Get your own project started.

April 17-25, 2020


The gamesweekberlin is the leading cross-industry communication and networking platform for games business, development and culture in Europe. Over seven days, the umbrella brand combines multiple events for industry representatives and game enthusiasts alike.

April 20-21, 2020


QUO VADIS is the core B2B event during two days of gamesweekberlin . Growing from its humble beginnings in 2003, QUO VADIS has established itself as one of the leading European game development conferences. QUO VADIS consists of keynotes, talks, roundtables and workshops focusing on individually tailored tracks for business developers, game developers, community developers and other industries interested in digital games.

April 10, 2019

Womenize! Games and Tech

Womenize! is an action program for females in Games and Tech, combining practical and theoretical program parts. The format is designed specifically for professionals and emerging talents in the fields of games, media and IT industry – including HR & culture managers, decision makers, institutions and multipliers.

April 12-14, 2019


Gamefest is the gaming event of gamesweekberlin with games, cosplay, loot and let’s play. The Gamefest invites families and gamers to celebrate everything video game culture has to offer. Gaming fun is offered for hardcore and casual gamers: From international blockbusters and creative indie titles, to VR and board games, everything is possible.

Connecting Business, Technology and Culture

…made with love in Berlin
What do we do? Develop experiences for people. We at Booster Space are responsible for tech and game events. You may have heard of #gamesweekberlin, VR NOW Con & Awards and gamescom congress. That’s all us.
We believe in the transformative power of digital interactive media. In games and VR and other things that make you visit places. We want to give people insights in what drives us. Still, we try not to get overexcited and put hype and trends in context, most of the times successfully.

We develop brands, curate programs and execute them on-site. It’s like thinking with a thousand heads and speaking with a thousand mouths. Online networks, start-ups, developers, politics, media and cultural leaders come and listen. We are experts for Kickstarter. We also develop games such as Duel VR. It’s how we personally create our own experiences.
We are based in Kreuzberg. Last time we checked, the district was still the most vibrant part of Berlin. Living here teaches us that things and people are connected. We believe in these connections – of business, technology and culture, how innovations have an impact on society and vice versa.

In short: we organize B2B and B2C events. We can moderate and curate your stage program. We consult on funding and trends.

We do love this shit. Have a word with us.

This is what we do:



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