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    File tagging File:Raptor Engine Unofficial Combustion Scheme.svg [ edit ]

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    Pbroks13 ( talk ) 04:30, 15 February 2019 (UTC)

    @Pbroks13: Permission now given on at this post NSF and now linked in the file info box. I urge HVM to also mail it to the permission email and if possible, provide the OTRS ticket number. I’ve removed the npd tagging because I assume good faith. I have every reason to believe that HVM is the author of the work and also controls this ID, meaning the work was uploaded by the author. NB I an an NSF admin. ++Lar: t/c 15:05, 15 February 2019 (UTC) That is great. Thank you! Pbroks13 ( talk ) 15:17, 15 February 2019 (UTC) Also, the copyright holder may use this form instead of emailing. It will guide them through the process much easier. Pbroks13 ( talk ) 15:30, 15 February 2019 (UTC) @Pbroks13: HVM submitted it to OTRS via email and got Ticket#2019021510002645 back. I put template:OP and the ticket number in the info box of the file. Thanks for adding the archive link to the NSF post. ++Lar: t/c 19:58, 15 February 2019 (UTC)

    Thank you so much for taking the time to go through this process! Pbroks13 ( talk ) 15:25, 16 February 2019 (UTC)

    Thank you to User:HVM NASASpaceFlight forum for uploading their authored image, and to Pbroks13 and Lar for endeavoring to get all the licensing squared away properly. This image is a very useful addition to Wikimedia on this important new rocket engine, and first flight-level FFSC engine cycle engine to be built. Cheers. N2e ( talk ) 15:57, 17 February 2019 (UTC)

    L2 – The Premier Space Subscription Service

    L2 – The Premier Space Subscription Service

    L2 is an unprecedented resource that provides you the opportunity to be on the front-line of space flight, ranging from mission specific documentation, through to following the development process of new vehicles and infrastructure – providing the information you’ve never had access to before.

    A large element of the unique news article content on this site has been sourced via L2 materials.

    Without breaking ITAR or Export Control laws – as no such information exists on this site – L2 is like nothing you’ve seen anywhere else on the internet, covering the US, European, Russian, Commercial and global space flight arenas.

    (Slide – One of a large collection of unique – produced for L2 – hi res (wallpaper level) renders covering all new vehicles)

    No unique content in L2 is available elsewhere, not on any public site or another subscription service. The Open Forum covers all the public resources.

    L2 is a database of documentation, graphics, photos, information and video. L2 sections are organic and interactive. L2 includes space industry members (adhering to their NDAs, of course), providing a ringfenced water cooler on top of the uploaded content.

    L2 is the best value for money you could ever spend on a subscription based space flight resource. Our 90 percent L2 member resub rate over the past five years is a testament to that.

    Content ranges from the very start of the space program, through to Shuttle (1000s of presentations, such as in-depth Flight Readiness Reviews), through to the new era of commercial space and deep space exploration – along with international content, from Russia to Europe.

    Regular plane views of McGregor, from an unrestricted area, showing the latest Falcon booster to be tested testing through to the Raptor test stand.

    Utilizing the existing forum format to aid usability and familiarity, the secure L2 areas allow you to easily search and download the information to your own computer and enables you to ask questions and interact – with questions usually answered by the many space flight industry members who already frequent the L2 sections in their spare time.

    You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy L2.

    How Does It Work?

    You gain access to a secure/restricted area of the site where everything is published, browsing through titled ‘threads’ where documentation – in the form of downloadable pdfs, photos, images, videos etc. – information, and discussion is uploaded. What you download, you keep, even after your subscription ends.

    There are eleven main sections – such as L2 SpaceX, L2 Videos and L2 SLS – with several hundred additional specific section areas – such as L2 EVA, accessed via the L2 tag cloud, allowing for a menu of content from mission specific to vehicle specific and even hardware specific.

    The entire database is over 8,000 GBS in size and over 12 years is the making (and decades via collating ahead of arriving in its home in L2 – such as the scanned documents donated from a former NASA manager from the start of the Shuttle program) – containing information that ranges from the present to the future and as far back as the start of the space program.

    Your subscription warrants your use of our servers for unlimited downloading, in turn providing the site with revenue from L2 subscriptions to be used in the operation of the site.

    This keeps the majority of the site and news as free to access – on expensive servers – and plays a major part in helping’s present and future stability. Without our loyal L2 support, there would not be a site.

    L2 Covers the early days of space flight, through to the present and future – although perhaps not this far into the future….By Nathan Koga – all renders are huge full resolution images you can frame on your wall.

    All L2 revenue ringfenced and used solely on paying the large costs of running such a massive site.

    Your L2 subscription is technically your way to donate/support NSF, in turn receiving thanks via L2 access.

    What does it cost?

    For just a small subscription rate – used solely to support this site’s costs – you can be involved with the inner workings of your favorite subject.

    Nasa spaceflight forum

    Nasa spaceflight forum

    NASASpaceflight L2 Subscription Sections

    L2 Master Section. From L2 Space Shuttle to everything that is not already in a specific L2 home.

    Last post by Protected
    in Protected
    on Today at 09:47 am

    L2 SpaceX Section – All vehicles, All missions (past, present and long-term future) – including All Pads and All Facilities, Exclusive hi-res photos/video and high-level discussion/evaluation.

    Last post by Protected
    in Protected
    on Today at 12:36 pm

    New L2 Section covering ULA and Blue Origin vehicles and facilities.

    Last post by Protected
    in Protected
    on 03/09/2020 10:56 pm

    L2 NGIS Section – Pegasus/Antates/StratoLaunch/OmegA/Cygnus – From Boosters to CRS.

    Last post by Protected
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    on 03/09/2020 06:02 pm

    L2 Specific ISS Section, full of unreleased presentations, videos, photos, status updates more.

    Last post by Protected
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    on 03/09/2020 05:17 pm

    L2 Section for Commercial Cargo/Crew Vehicles from early CCP to Dream Chaser and Starliner.

    Last post by Protected
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    on 03/09/2020 03:08 pm

    Exclusive content, from historical Russian vehicles, exclusive Buran videos, to Soyuz and RSC Energia’s next-gen vehicles.

    Last post by Protected
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    on Today at 03:07 am

    L2 section for Orion and Future Vehicles. Includes archive of CxP vehicles.

    Last post by Protected
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    on 03/08/2020 02:05 pm

    L2 Section for SLS. Exclusive presentations, videos, updates – covers Ares V onwards.

    Last post by Protected
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    Huge archive of stunning hi-res photos, from exclusive hardware shots to unreleased on-orbit mission photos.

    Last post by Protected
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    Unreleased presentations/photos/videos from the first days of Cape Canaveral, through to Saturn/Apollo and the early days of shuttle.

    Last post by Protected
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    on 03/08/2020 03:37 pm

    L2 section containing amazing unreleased videos, from riding on the flight decks of orbiters through re-entry, launch and mission videos, to technical evaluation videos.

    Last post by Protected
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    on 03/03/2020 06:35 pm

    NSF Landing Page (Site Rules, Overviews Development, Feedback)

    This section is for members interested in joining L2

    Last post by Chris Bergin
    in Re: L2 Gift Membership Process
    on 12/04/2019 03:29 pm

    Section for site development news, new member help, site rules and questions

    A section for crowdsourcing NSF’s community talent from design work to coding to moderating and writing. Join the NSF team.

    Last post by Chris Bergin
    in Re: Become a reporter for NSF
    on 01/16/2020 10:04 pm

    General Discussion

    All things Space Flight related.

    Last post by daedalus1
    in Re: The impact of coronavirus on spaceflight
    on Today at 10:34 am

    Space Politics Section ranging from the Augustine Review onwards

    Read Only unless a L2 member to avoid political trolling.

    Major Live Events hosted in this section, including the latest news from around the world of space flight

    Last post by eeergo
    in Re: Coronavirus strikes NASA
    on 03/09/2020 11:46 am

    Missions that were, or will never be.

    Last post by libra
    in Re: The Black Arrow & Britain’s Rocket Progra.
    on Today at 12:08 pm

    In-works and future conceptual ideas of space flight, from Nuclear Propulsion to Tethers and beyond.

    Last post by ppnl
    in Re: Golden Moon
    on 03/03/2020 09:53 pm

    New Forum Section for space technology concepts that rely on non-conventional physics – such as EM Drive.

    Last post by meberbs
    in Re: Demonstrated FTL communication?
    on 03/07/2020 06:00 pm

    A collection of Q&A threads. Search for an answer, or post a new question in one of the Q&A threads

    Last post by libra
    in Re: Shuttle Q&A Part 5
    on 02/26/2020 08:33 am

    A section dedicated to model builders of NASA and space hardware, space related movies, books and entertainment.

    Last post by Mr. Scott
    in Re: Star Trek: Picard
    on Today at 04:02 am

    A section for those looking for education and career advice for getting into the field of Aerospace.

    Last post by rocketfan9
    in Re: ?s re:Switching to Career in Space Indust.
    on Today at 01:00 am

    A newly revamped section for NSF Videos Under Construction

    A new section for polls (Including some old ones)

    Last post by jadebenn
    in Re: Which SHLV Will Fly 1st?
    on Today at 08:34 am

    International Space Station (ISS)

    Live Expedition coverage and the latest news from the ISS

    Last post by Rondaz
    in Re: Expedition 62 Thread
    on Today at 01:14 pm

    New section for in-space hardware, such as Prop Depots, Bigelow Modules, etc.

    SLS / Orion / Beyond-LEO HSF – Constellation

    Section for the Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle (HLV) or Space Launch System (SLS). Home of DIRECT’s Jupiter, SD HLVs and other HLVs

    Last post by envy887
    in Re: SLS General Discussion Thread 5
    on Today at 12:12 pm

    News and updates specific to manned exploration vehicles, such as Orion and Lander concepts

    Last post by jacqmans
    in Re: EM-1/Artemis 1 Orion Construction and Pro.
    on Today at 09:54 am

    Section dedicated to HSF missions to NEAs

    Forum section dedicated on HSF Missions To The Moon (EM-1 etc).

    Forum section dedicated on HSF Missions To Mars

    Last post by Paul451
    in Re: Scaling Agriculture on Mars
    on Today at 12:54 am

    Section for the cancelled Constellation Ares I and associated testing.

    Hop s Blog: Will I be banned from Nasa Space Flight Forum?

    Nasa spaceflight forum

    The largest space forum I know of is There are a lot of knowledgeable people who participate including a number of professional aerospace engineers.

    I enjoy this forum but in my opinion there is a bias for NASA sponsored HLV.

    For example, the forum has subsections devoted to manned missions to Mars, the Moon and Near Earth Asteroids. There are a number of ways such missions could be accomplished. But evidently Chris Bergin feels SLS is the only option:

    Notice all the HSF (Human Space Flight) missions come under the HLV/SLS/Orion/Constellation heading.

    I mentioned to Chris Bergin that there may be other routes. For example an architecture based on propellent depots might get us to the moon. Chris retorted that some of the ULA depot guys participate in NSF and they don’t bad mouth SLS. Well, one of ULA’s parent companies is Boeing. Umm, Chris, maybe there’s a reason ULA employees would be hesitant to criticize SLS.

    I posted a cartoon to NSF:

    Chris found my use of the “pork” offensive. He also didn’t like didn’t like my portrayal of Senator Shelby.

    There are a few things Apollo, Ares and SLS have in common:
    1) They’re very large rockets
    2) They’re completely expendable.

    Since they’re big, that means big expense. Since they’re not reusable, that big expense will be incurred each and every trip.

    If every mission is going to cost a few billion, we are not going to colonize the Moon, Near Earth Asteroids or Mars. Settlement would take a long, sustained effort and this sort of expense just isn’t sustainable.

    If Shelby et al are trying to sell SLS as a way to open a new frontier, they are committing fraud.

    So what is the goal of NASA’s human space flight program? The occasional flag & footprints publicity stunt doesn’t justify the expense. If NASA’s human space flight program is all about jobs in Florida, Texas and Alabama, it should be axed.

    I make no apologies for my cartoon.


    Thanks for the creative cartoon. I’m now convinced the only way we’re going to get to Mars and other BEO destinations is if it is significantly privately financed. That is the only way we are going to be able to hold down costs.

    I think you are 100% right about SLS. On occasion I refer to the SLS as the “pork barrel to space”.

    May I suggest you take a little more “pedagogic” and/or diplomatic approach? While I don’t read the forums, I read the articles on the nasaspaceflight website, and I can see that they have been suckered into the ULA/Boeing/Lockheed world, so far as they are clearly biased against e.g. SpaceX in what they write. In short: They are true believers. Bluntly telling them what boils down to “you’re wrong and idiots” will accomplish the opposite of what you want to achieve.

    I know it is hard, but don’t try to force it. I think it is important to keep up the dialog with such people, as they have a quite large visibility, and many people turn to them for information about spaceflight – and loosing a voice that shows a slightly different reality than the one they try to portrait would be bad, really bad.

    Hop, I hope Chris has more sense than to ban you, or even stop you from speaking your mind, as your are one of the more valuable contributors to the forum. But if you do get banned, it’s not the end of the work. Think of it as recovering energy from a time sink.

    Space depots and heavy lift vehicles are actually– complimentary– systems.

    Plus there is no other rocket system out there that will have the hugely advantageous fairing size (10 meters in diameter) that the SLS is going to have.

    The SLS fuel tank technology is also going to give NASA and private industry a game changing pressurized tank technology that could be used for enormously spacious yet ultralight Earth orbital and deep space habitats such as the Skylab II concept.

    Hey, William Barton! Good to hear from you. I miss seeing you in forums. But it’s a time sink as you say. It might be good for me if I were thrown out. I saw some of your stories in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine awhile back.

    There is no bigger pork program than the ISS corporate welfare program for Commercial Crew industry. The continuing the ISS beyond 2015 and possibly beyond 2020 is a huge waste of tax payer money. And its also the most inefficient way possible to subsidize Commercial Crew development.

    The most efficient way to promote Commercial Crew development is by promoting private commercial flights to private commercial space stations.

    NASA could use the SLS to launch a Bigelow Olympus space station to LEO or an SLS fuel tank derived space station to LEO as a destination for super wealthy space tourist and space lotto winners. There’s only about 50,000 people on the planet who can afford a $25 to $40 million flight to such a station. So there are a few potential customers on the planet:-)

    Tony, attempts at reasoned and civil discussion seem fruitless. NASA’s been on a dead end path since Michael Griffin and I don’t see an end in sight. How many decades will we have to wait?

    Yes, my tone has become strident and abrasive. It doesn’t seem worthwhile trying to persuade Chris and SLS sympathizers. Certainly those at the pork trough don’t seem inclined to repent.

    The best hope, I believe, is alerting the general public — some loud whistle blowing. My cartoon is an attempt to condense Shelby’s bad behavior into a short, easily digested meme.

    Musk seems to be blazing some new trails, I have been very impressed with his progress towards a reusable booster. If our policy makers were truly interested in opening a new frontier, they’d be wholeheartedly supporting SpaceX, Planetary Resources, and similar entities.

    Yeah, trying to “convert” true believers is very time consuming, if not outright futile (cue in Thomas Kuhn, paradigm shift, yada yada…) – so yeah, I would agree that is not worthwhile to reach *such* persons.

    But never forget for every SLS fan boy there are people lurking who have not such a consolidated opinion. And reaching them, giving them a chance to hear a different view, might be worthwhile. Whether the nasaspaceflight forum is the place for this, or if other places are more effective for this, I don’t know.

    Just make sure you know your audience. No need to preach to the choir, the people with a similar opinion like yours you don’t need to convert. The ones who are married to the major aerospace players, you probably can’t reach. But those in between, you stand a chance on reaching. Mudslinging is not the way, because for bystanders it is difficult to discern who is right and who is wrong. There is a place for sarcasm and satire with like-minded people (your blog maybe?), but be a voice of facts and reason in other forums, or don’t discuss there.

    Two facts really widened my view: The costs of SLS (as chronicled by R.D. Boozer on the Space Review), and the money of Comercial Crew awarded to SpaceX vs. Boeing. One doesn’t need to use the word pork to get angry at the outrages sums that are transfered to the major aerospace companies, and at the chances that are lost. Give the money who really want to go to Mars, who want to mine resources in Space, and we will be on Mars in less than two decades IMHO.

    (I invoke the SLS+Orion launch abort system)

    I’d love to see Hop piece together some outlines of an architecture for space flight. From an orbital mechanics point of view rather than hardware choices. Now, his great advice is fragmented and reactive. Imagine what are the most important things needed to be done in order to accomplish, for example:

    – Establish regular traffic with Mars.

    – Putting orbiters around Uranus and Neptune in order to support atmospheric studies of sub-Neptunian exoplanets, the most common type.

    – Putting balloons in the atmosphere of Venus, also to support upcoming atmospheric exoplanet research.

    – Leaving the Solar system, perhaps in order to use the gravitational focus of the Sun, or a mission to examine the first Oort cloud object ever found, if ever found. Improvements to Kraft Erickes trajectory?

    Hop, you might be reading too much into things. The description of the section reads as follows:

    “Section for the Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle (HLV) or Space Launch System (SLS). Home of DIRECT’s Jupiter, SD HLVs and other HLVs”

    So the HLV section includes other HLVs. Presumably that could include Falcon Heavy and MCT as those things become more clarified. But right now, for truly heavy lift, SLS is, shall we say, the program of record.

    Also, I may have missed it, but were you specifically threatened with being banned?

    As for LEO depots, imagine launching two partially reusable Falcon Heavies and then docking one payload with the other (the US hasn’t had a docking failure in over 40 years). Assuming that one of those payloads was a cryogenic stage, that non-depot approach could send very large masses BLEO. For a depot to make economic sense, it would need to deliver that much propellant at a cost lower than a partially reusable Falcon Heavy. That’s an awfully tall order. A propellant depot in a single orbital inclination might make sense at some point in time for very large (rare?) missions but we need to make sure it does make sense before pursuing it either by policy or privately.

    You all must live this piece of orbital mechanics history! In 1962, Krafft Arnold Ericke talks about interplanetary spaceflight:

    Hi Hop. I saw the comment you left on the “Let’s Fix the Asteroid Redirect Mission” AviationWeek editorial, and I thought I’d look you up.

    My comment here is about your observations about NSF though, but I’ll leave a response at AW to your comments there.

    I became a regular on NSF last year after Jeff Foust shut down his Space Politics website (I was one of the regulars). I think I had only posted a couple of times on NSF before then, but I have become a regular since then (over 1100 posts and over 570 Likes).

    I am not an SLS fan at all, but I have found that I’m not alone at NSF with that opinion. Maybe more have been stepping forward, but I have no problem posting my views on the SLS and the Orion, plus all other topics.

    That’s not to say I haven’t had posts deleted, because I have. But so have many others, so you do learn what is productive and what isn’t. And that’s really the challenge, is finding out how to critique without looking like you are attacking. Your cartoon is more the later.

    So for instance, my latest line has been to describe how there is no funding for missions and payloads for when the SLS becomes operational, yet we will only have 6 years to build such missions or payloads if the FY2016 authorization bill passed in the House goes through as written. Pretty factual, so it’s hard to dismiss (though SLS supporters try their darndest)

    In any case, I welcome you to post on NSF, and I hope you find it is a productive forum to use.

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