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At Bold Marketing Solutions, Inc., we love to spread news news about our friends. Check out our new Articles menu for information about friends and resources. This article, posted November 24, 2014, is about SpaceFlight Insider, an online magazine delivering news on the space program and space exploration.
Delivers More than Just News about Space Exploration

Look across the night sky; marvel at the sparkling constellations shining down on you; and breathe in the fact that you are blind to a gazillion stars burning brightly out of view. From the beginning of time as we know it, people like you and me have watched the skies and wondered about the immense promise and mysteries of the heavens. Where will the answers come from? The answer is likely in space exploration. Spaceflight Insider brings real-time answers about this topic closer through diverse and objective perspectives on aerospace and aviation in one comprehensive online publication.—Space Information Platform
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Senior Editor and Spaceflight Insider Founder Jason Rhian noticed that existing space information resources typically delivered news through very specific mediums, based on individual niche interests and business strengths. That observation Rhian to wonder what if a single news outet offered what all of them did in one comprehensive space—compelling photos, a launch schedule, and current news? What if the medium also provided the news objectively, e.g., without political filters?

The result of his musing is a stunning website chocked full of information for aerospace and aviation enthusiasts. Before launching Spaceflight Insider, Rhian contributed to, Aviation Week, and Universe Today; and he also completed two internships with NASA.

Now Rhian says, “We put all the primary building blocks in place over the past year, and we are excited to debut our first live (video) launch show in December.” That announcement was made possible after constructing the infrastructure needed to transform his concept into a serious media vehicle.

“We want readers to say, “Holy Cow! Everything is here,” Rhian said. “If you’re looking for a brief on a specific launch, space news, photography and illustrations, or even industry contacts, Spaceflight Insider is organizing it for you.“

Telling It Like It Is

Formerly a corrections officer with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office—and inspired by what he believed was inaccurate reporting on the Columbia disaster—Rhian decided in 2003 to pursue his passion for space. “When Columbia exploded, everybody on TV from the space industry acted as if they were better authorities than other people. They seemed to be reporting opinion as fact. Some were saying things that I knew was false. Other people were asking questions that were ridiculous or presenting crazy information as fact. I noticed and remember one major media outlet getting so many things wrong. And I thought that was wrong and rather than get upset – I should do something about it.”

Rhian, who believed that the job of the journalist was to get the facts right, headed to college to learn how to make that happen. “I went back to BCC (Brevard Community College), got my two-year degree, then resigned from the Sheriff’s Office and entered the University of South Florida to pursue my bachelor’s degree in pubic relations.”

Admitting that he doesn’t come from academia, or even the space industry itself, Rhian expressed his goal to deliver an outside, unbiased, journalistic perspective through his online journal.

“But, we also take the time to connect on ‘the inside’. For example, we get people access to events, open doors for them, and help them enjoy what’s happening with launches and space events. As a soldier and corrections officer, I had served my community for 14 years. Now, I am giving myself over to serving the community by telling the space story as honestly and fairly as possible,” Rhian said.

Why does story telling concern Rhian? “There are some space websites whose content delivers vehement opposition to private space comapnies for example. Prejudices also abound about NASA programs and show through in other written reports.” At Spaceflight Insider, we view ourselves first as journalists. We present news openly and objectively. We don’t judge. We report. That’s it. Our job is to tell the story as it is, not as how we would like it to be.” he added.

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Spaceflight insider launch schedule news and updates

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2020 March 3: New page (INSIDER CONTENT No. 110): RD-862

2020 February 27: New page (INSIDER CONTENT No. 109): Manufacturing PTK Orel

2020 February 17: New page: Angosat-2

2020 February 11: Update: PTK Orel test flight manifest

2020 February 5: Update: Soyuz MS-13 landing

2020 January 23: New page: Meridian-M2 (19L)

2020 January 13: Update: N1 No. 3L launch: Rollout photo-collage

2020 January 8: New page (INSIDER CONTENT No. 102): ExoMars project in 2020

2020 January 6: New page (INSIDER CONTENT No. 101): MLM Nauka module in 2020

2020 January 1-2: Updates: The US-A/-P project: info, imagery

2019 December 28: Update: 2019 year-end results

2019 December 26: New page: Gonets-M Group 15

2019 December 23: Update: Elektro-L3 launch info

2019 December 10: New page: GLONASS-M-59; update: Cis-lunar Gateway (2019 maximum configuration)

2019 December 5: New page: Progress MS-13

2019 November 26: Update: Kosmos-2542: Info, imagery

2019 November 21: New page (INSIDER CONTENT No. 97): PTK Orel ground test program

2019 November 15: New page (INSIDER CONTENT No. 95): ISS operations in 2020

2019 November 5: New page (INSIDER CONTENT No. 92): ESPRIT module in 2019

2019 November 4: New page (INSIDER CONTENT No. 91): RD-180MV engine

2019 October 30: New page (INSIDER CONTENT No. 90): Angara project in 2019

2019 October 24: Updates (INSIDER CONTENT): MLM Nauka module in 2019 (info, imagery); The 2020 ISS flight manifest (multiple updates)

2019 October 22: New page (INSIDER CONTENT No. 88): I-Hab module in 2019

2019 October 19: Update: Angara pad in Vostochny

2019 October 3: Updates: Soyuz MS-12, Soyuz landing (info, imagery)

2019 October 2: Update: Soyuz MS-12, landing details

2019 September 24: New page: Soyuz MS-15

2019 September 12: Updates: (INSIDER CONTENT): PPE in 2019, HALO modules (visualizations)

2019 September 10: Update: Soyuz MS-14

2019 September 9: Update: Soyuz MS series

2019 August 31: Update: Soyuz MS-14 (robot operations)

2019 August 30: Update (INSIDER CONTENT): Cis-lunar Gateway project (info, imagery); New page: Geo-IK-2-3

2019 August 27: Updates: RD-861K (Tsyklon-4’s third stage test firing); Russia in the 2010s (TEM tug visual)

2019 August 26: Updates: Soyuz MS-13 (redocking); Angara pad in Vostochny in 2019 (construction progress)

2019 August 21: New page: Soyuz MS-14

2019 August 15: New page: (INSIDER CONTENT No. 81): Robot Fedor

2019 August 8: New page: Zond-7; update: 19K project (visual)

2019 August 7: New page: (INSIDER CONTENT No. 79): RBKA satellite

2019 August 5: New page: Blagovest-14L

2019 July 30: New page: Meridian (8)

2019 July 28: Update: 19K complex – new visualizations

2019 July 23: New page: (INSIDER CONTENT No. 76): Luna-29 mission in 2019

2019 July 20: New page: Soyuz MS-13

2019 July 17: New page: 19K vehicle for the L3 project

2019 July 4: New page: Meteor M2-2; New pages/Meteor family content split: Meteor-M series, Meteor-M1

2019 July 3: Update: N1 No. 5L launch

2019 June 24: Update: Yamal-601 orbit arrival

2019 June 22: Updates: Angara production; Angara-5V

2019 June 21: New page: Launch of Spektr-RG (scrubbed)

2019 June 18: New page: (INSIDER CONTENT No. 71): Revival of Spektr-RG

2019 June 17: New page: (INSIDER CONTENT No. 70): Original Spektr-RG

2019 June 14: Update: Vladimir Chelomei

2019 June 10: New page: (INSIDER CONTENT No. 69): RD-8 engine

2019 June 3: Update: Angara pad in Vostochny

2019 May 30: New page: Yamal-601

2019 May 28: New page: VKD-46 spacewalk aboard ISS

2019 May 26: New page: GLONASS-M58 mission

2019 May 23: New page: 21K tanker

2019 May 9: New page: ART-XC telescope for Spektr-RG

2019 May 6: Update: TKS spacecraft

2019 April 25: Update: (INSIDER CONTENT): PTK Federatsiya project in 2019 (production details)

2019 April 16: Updates: LK lander; LVPK

2019 March 31: New page: (INSIDER CONTENT No. 61): MLM in 2019

2019 March 18: New page: Soyuz rocket family in 2019

2019 March 14: New page: Soyuz MS-12

2019 Feb. 19: Update: (INSIDER CONTENT) Spektr-RG in 2019 (launch dates selection details)

2019 Feb. 5: Updates (info, imagery): Spektr-RG in 2018, Spektr-RG in 2017

2019 Jan. 31: New page: (INSIDER CONTENT No. 52) Soyuz-7 launcher

2019 Jan. 28: New page: (INSIDER CONTENT No. 51) Ryvok concept

2019 Jan. 24: New page: Angara pad in Vostochny in 2019

2019 Jan. 21: New page: Soyuz-4, Soyuz-5 home page

2019 Jan. 20: New page: 7K-L1 No. 13L

2019 Jan. 18: New page: Soyuz-5 landing

2019 Jan. 17: New page: Soyuz-4 landing

2018 Dec. 30: Update: 2018 in space

2018 Dec. 19: Update: Soyuz MS-09 landing

2018 Dec. 14: New page: (INSIDER CONTENT No. 46) KSLV-2

2018 Dec. 5: Update: Proton operations in 2019

2018 Dec. 2: New page: Soyuz MS-11

2018 Nov. 20: New page: Launch of Zarya FGB module; Update (info, imagery): Zarya FGB module

2018 Nov. 16: New page: Progress MS-10

2018 Nov. 13: New page: Zond-6 mission

2018 Nov. 6: New page: Soyuz ST-B launch with MetOp-C

2018 Nov. 3: New page: GLONASS M-57 mission

2018 Oct. 26 – Nov. 5: New section: Soyuz-2, -3 mission

2018 Oct. 24: New page: Fourth launch of Lotos-S1

2018 Oct. 16: New page: Proton operations in 2019

2018 Oct. 10: New page: Soyuz MS-10

2018 Oct. 5: New page: Elektro-L3 satellite; Updates, content split: Elektro-L series, Elektro L1

2018 Sept. 17: New page: Zond-5 mission

2018 Sept. 12: New page: A hole aboard Soyuz MS-09

2018 Sept. 7: Update: ESPRIT module for the cis-lunar station (info, imagery)

2018 Aug. 17: New pages: GIRD-09 rocket, GIRD-09 engine

2018 Aug. 3: New page: Origins of space flight

2018 July 31 – Aug. 1: Updates: Proton operations in 2018

2018 July 30: Update: (INSIDER CONTENT) PTK Federatsiya development in 2018: Parachute tests, project status

2018 July 14: New page: 7K-L1 No. 8L

2018 July 9: New page: Progress MS-09

2018 June 17: New page: Soyuz rocket missions in 2018

2018 June 16: New page: GLONASS-M No. 56

2018 June 5: New page: Soyuz MS-09

2018 June 5: Update: Baikal booster: Info on super-light launcher plans, imagery

2018 May 15: Updates: Launch of Sputnik-3; History of the Object-D project; Previews of Object D virtual model, info

2018 May 3: Update: Hab module for cis-lunar station: 2018 developments

2018 May 2: New page: RD-815 engine (INSIDER CONTENT No. 12); Update: ESPRIT module: 2018 developments

2018 May 1: New page: INSIDER CONTENT landing page and subscription info

2018 April 27: New page: Airlock status in 2018 (INSIDER CONTENT No. 10)

2018 April 25: New page: Rockot launch with Sentinel-3B

2018 April 23: New page: 7K-L1 No. 7L

2018 April 18: New pages: Blagovest-12L, Blagovest series (page split, updates): Blagovest-11L

2018 April 16: Update: Power and Propulsion Element, PPE, for near-lunar station: info, imagery on industrial studies

2018 April 4: New page: NEM-2 tourist module (INSIDER CONTENT No. 7)

2018 March 29: New page: EMKA (Kosmos-2525)

2018 March 21: New page: Soyuz MS-08

2018 March 12: Update: Investigation into the Soyuz-1 landing accident: historic map of the landing area

2018 March 5: New page: Zond-4 (7K-L1 No. 6L)

2018 March 2: New page: Sarmat ICBM

2018 Feb. 21: Update: Sea Launch in 2018

2018 Feb. 14: New page: RD-171MV (INSIDER CONTENT No. 1)

2018 Feb. 8: Update: Columbus module: Early concept visuals, Bartolomeo project info

2018 Feb. 5: New page: MLM Nauka module in 2018

2018 Feb. 2: Update: Soyuz MS-06: Russian EVA-44 info imagery

2018 Jan. 31: New page: Kanopus-V-3, Kanopus-V-4

2018 Jan. 30: New page: Spektr-RG project in 2018

2018 Jan. 29: New page: Proton operations in 2018

2018 Jan. 28: Update: Progress GVK: info, imagery

2018 Jan. 23: New page: Block E for the N1/L3 complex

2018 Jan. 16: New page: Luna-Resurs in 2017

2018 Jan. 10: New page: RD-810 engine

2018 Jan. 3: Update: ExoMars-2020 project in 2017 (July-December activties)

2018 Jan. 2: New page: Sea Launch in 2018

2017 Dec. 25: Update: Angosat-1 satellite – info, imagery

2017 Dec. 24: New page: Zenit launch with Angosat-1

2017 Dec. 19: Update: Spektr-RG mission in 2017 – info, imagery

2017 Dec. 16: New page: Soyuz MS-07

2017 Dec. 1: New page: Lotos-S1 No. 803

2017 Nov. 27: New pages: Meteor-M2-1, Baumanets

2017 Nov. 3: Update: Sputnik-2: info, imagery

2017 Oct. 27: New page: RD-861K engine

2017 Oct. 25: Update: Prichal Node Module – info, imagery

2017 Oct. 21: New page: VKZ probe

2017 Oct. 20: Update: ESPRIT module for the cis-lunar station – imagery

2017 Oct. 12: New page: Sentinel-5P

2017 Oct. 4: Update: Sputnik section; R-5, R-7, RT-2 – info, imagery

2017 Oct. 2: New page: NEM-1 module status in 2017

2017 Sept. 23: Update: MLM module status in 2017 – developments in September

2017 Sept. 21: New page: GLONASS-M-52

2017 Sept. 11: New page: Proton mission with Amazonas-5

2017 Sept. 10: New page: Soyuz MS-06 mission

2017 Sept. 5: New page: RD-250 engine

2017 Aug. 16: New page: Blagovest No. 11L

2017 Aug. 7: New page: Soyuz-5/PTK launch vehicle

2017 Aug. 2: Update: MLM tanks; Washing machine ready for operation

2017 Aug. 1: New page: Angara-5M

2017 July 28: New page: Soyuz-FG launch vehicle

2017 July 27: New page: Soyuz MS-05

2017 July 24: Update: Energia-5V: RD-0150, RD-171MV, RD-191V engine designs, info

2017 July 13: New page: Kanopus-V-IK

2017 July 6: Update: Habitation module of the cis-lunar station: the project status

2017 July 5: Update: Obzor-R satellite: first photos, 2017 project status

2017 June 29: Update: Power and Propulsion Bus for the cis-lunar station: latest design graphic, info

2017 June 23: New page: Napryazhenie military satellite

2017 June 21: New page: Tank system of the MLM module

2017 June 15: New page: MLM Nauka project status in 2014

2017 June 13: New page: Progress MS-06

2017 May 19: New page: Spektr-RG project in 2017

2017 May 17: New page: SES-15

2017 May 15: New page: Russian Orbital Station, ROS

2017 May 4: New page: 5M project

2017 May 3: Update: NEM module: info, imagery

2017 April 24: Update: Soyuz-1 mission

2017 April 20: New page: Soyuz rocket missions in 2017

2017 April 18: New page: MLM/Nauka module in 2013

2017 April 13: New page: Canso launch site

2017 April 11: Update: Cis-lunar station: Latest design info-graphic

2017 April 8: New page: 7K-L1 No. 3P

2017 April 5: New page: RD-870

2017 March 17: New page: Soyuz MS-04

2017 March 16: New page: Tsyklon-4M (Cyclone-4M)

2017 March 14: Updates: Proton-Medium; 2017 design revision info, imagery; Kosmos-146: A US intelligence estimate info

2017 March 1: New page: Spektr-R mission in 2017; Update (info, imagery): Launch of Spektr-R

2017 Feb. 28: Update: Origin of Spektr series

2017 Feb. 21: New page: Progress MS-05

2017 Feb. 13: New page: Origin of the cis-lunar project

2017 Feb. 7: New page: Soyuz 7K-OK No. 4 (Kosmos-140)

2017 Jan. 26: New page: Energia-5V/VR concepts

2017 Jan. 25: New page: Proton operations in 2017

2017 Jan. 2: Update: Spektr-RG: ART-XC telescope delivery, info, imagery

2016 Dec. 30: New page: PTK development in 2016

2016 Dec. 22: Update: Soyuz 7K-OK No. 1 launch accident: Rare historical images

2016 Dec. 21: New page: Luna-13

2016 Dec. 11: Update: Progress MS-04: Failure investigation details

2016 Dec. 5: Update: Spektr-RG: Developments in 2016

2016 Nov. 30: New page: Progress MS-04

2016 Nov. 16: New page: Soyuz MS-03

2016 Oct. 24: New page: Angosat mission

2016 Oct. 23: New page: Cygnus OA-5 mission

2016 Oct. 14: New page: ExoMars-2016 arrival at Mars

2016 Oct. 6: New page: Proton-M-Plus

2016 Sept. 27-30: Updates: Sea Launch; MLM module

2016 Sept. 22: New page: Soyuz MS-02

2016 Sept. 21: New page: Proton-Medium

2016 Sept. 13: Update: Proton-Light, Medium variants introduced: info, imagery

2016 Sept. 12: New page: Sunkar rocket proposal

2016 Aug. 10: New pages and updates: Inflatable systems in space:

2016 Aug. 9: Update: info, imagery: Luna-24

2016 Aug. 6: Update: info, imagery: Vostok-2 mission

2016 July 13: New page: Production of the Angara rocket

2016 July 6-8: New section: Soyuz MS

2016 July 4: New page: Soyuz MS-01

2016 June 23: New page: Proton-Light

2016 June 8: New pages: Proton-M, Intelsat-31

2016 June 3: New page: Geo-IK-2 No. 12

2016 May 10: New page: Drop zones for Vostochny

2016 April 27: New page: Vostochny home page

2016 April 27: New page: First launch from Vostochny

2016 April 22: New page: Sentinel-1B

2016 April 14: New page: Vostochny development in 2016

2016 April 12: Update: Gagarin’s flight aboard Vostok

2016 April 4: New page: Luna-10

2016 March 29: New page: Progress MS-02

2016 March 24: Update: Bars-M: info, imagery; New page: Soyuz rocket missions in 2016

2016 March 18: New page: Soyuz TMA-20M

2016 March 14: New pages: ExoMars home page, ExoMars mission

2016 March 11: New page: Briz-M upper stage

2016 March 3: New page: Proton launch with ExoMars-2016

2016 Feb. 26: New page: Schiaparelli (EDM) Mars lander

2016 Feb. 16: New page: Sentinel-3A

2016 Feb. 6: New page: GLONASS-51

2016 Feb. 4: New page: Luna-9

2016 Feb. 2: Update: Spektr-RG; 2015, 2016 mission status, imagery

2016 Jan. 25: Update: Spektr-UF; 2015 mission status

2016 Jan. 21: Update: Angara-5P; info, imagery

2016 Jan. 15: Update: PTK project in 2015; info, imagery

2016 Jan. 11: Update: Soyuz-5 (Feniks) project; info, imagery

2016 Jan. 8: New page: Proton operations in 2016

2015 Dec. 29: Update: 2015 in space: Highlights of the year

2015 Dec. 28: Update: Vostochny development in 2015: End-of-year activities

2015 Dec. 21: New page: Ekspress-AMU1

2015 Dec. 21: New page: Progress-MS

2015 Dec. 14: New page: Soyuz TMA-19M mission

2015 Dec. 12-13: Update: Garpun military communications satellite: info, imagery on Garpun 12L launch

2015 Dec. 11: New page: Elektro-L2 weather satellite

2015 Dec. 4: New page: Kanopus-ST satellite

2015 Nov. 19: New page: Nord project

2015 Nov. 16: New section: EKS satellite system

2015 Nov. 8: New page: MOB1-KVTK space tug

2015 Oct. 9: New page: Luna-Glob project in 2015

2015 Oct. 5: New page: PTK project in 2015

2015 Sept. 29: New page: Progress M-29M

2015 Sept. 24: Update: Rodnik satellites: Ninth mission info, hardware visualizations, launch profile graphic

2015 Sept. 23: New page: Block DM-03 space tug

2015 Sept. 7: New page: Soyuz-2 rockets for Vostochny

2015 Aug. 31: New page: Mission of Soyuz TMA-18M

2015 Aug. 24: New page: Soyuz launch control room

2015 July 21: New page: R-6 missile

2015 July 20: New page: Soyuz TMA-17M

2015 July 8: Update: Kosmos-2504: project info

2015 July 2: New page: Progress M-28M

2015 June 29: New page: Proton’s RD-0210 engine

2015 June 23-24: Update: Persona, Kobalt-M: ground track maps, launch videos, photos, hardware visualizations, info

2015 June 22: New page: Ground control in Vostochny

2015 June 18: Update: N1 Moon Rocket: imagery

2015 June 14: New page: Angara-5/KVTK launch vehicle

2015 June 6: Update: Lotos-S/Liana/Pion-NKS: info

2015 June 5: Update: Kobalt-M, Kosmos-2505 launch info, imagery

2015 June 4: New page: RD-0212; update: Proton home page: info, imagery

2015 May 15: New page: RD-181

2015 May 15: New page: Proton launch with MexSat-1

2015 May 10: New page: URM-2V booster for the Angara-5V rocket

2015 April 27: New page: Progress M-27M

2015 April 18: New page: Kosmos-2504

2015 April 13: Update: Angara-5V info, imagery

2015 April 4: Update: KompSat-3A info, imagery, launch video

2015 March 25: New page: Dnepr launch with KompSat-3A

2015 March 22: New page: Angara-5V

2015 March 18: New page: Ekspress-AM7

2015 March 3: New page: Roskosmos

2015 Feb. 29: New pages: Yantar-1KFT Kometa, Bars, Bars-M military cartography satellites

2015 Feb. 18: New page: Vostochny airport

2015 Feb. 17: New page: Soyuz rocket missions in 2015

2015 Feb. 16: New page: Progress M-26M

2015 Feb. 5: New page: Vostochny development in 2015

2015 Jan. 20: New page: RD-191 engine

2015 Jan. 12: Update: NEM module info, imagery, visualizations

2015 Jan. 5: Update: High-Latitude Orbital Station, VShOS (station assembly renderings; Soyuz landing info)

2015 Jan. 4: Update: Vostochny development in 2014 (year-end status update)

2014 Dec. 28: New page: Resurs-P2

2014 Dec. 27: New page: Astra-2G

2014 Dec. 15: New page: Super-heavy launcher

2014 Dec. 12: New page: Yamal-401

2014 Dec. 10: New page: Energia-5KV

2014 Dec. 4: New page: Proton missions in 2015

2014 Nov. 30: New page: GLONASS-K No. 12 launch; Update: info, imagery: GLONASS-K series

2014 Nov. 21: New page: Mission of Soyuz TMA-15M

2014 Nov. 3: Update: OKA-T free-flying orbital laboratory: info on Kremlin reaction; tech specs for OKA-T-MKS; early info on OKA-T-2, budget and more; imagery: evolution of OKA-T design

2014 Oct. 30: New page: Kosmos-2499

2014 Oct. 29: New page: Meridian-7

2014 Oct. 28: New page: Progress M-25M

2014 Oct. 26: New page: Kondor-E radar satellite; Update, info, imagery: Strela launcher

2014 Oct. 12: New section: Voskhod mission

2014 Sept. 26: New page: Olymp satellite

2014 Sept. 25: New page: How Soyuz is published

2014 Sept. 23: New page: Soyuz TMA-14M mission

2014 Sept. 8: New page: Residential area in Vostochny

2014 Sept. 4: New page: Energia-M launch vehicle

2014 Aug. 29: New page: Space exploration in 2025

2014 July 31: Update: Vostochny development in 2014: Soyuz pad construction status, info, images

2014 July 29: New page: ExoMars mission status in 2014

2014 July 28: New page: RD-0120 engine

2014 July 24: Update: First flight of the Angara-5 rocket (A computer-generated cross section of the Angara-5/Briz-M configuration)

2014 July 18: New page: Foton-M4 mission

2014 July 17: Update: Inflatable module (info, images)

2014 July 15: New page: Angara-5

2014 July 7: New page: Meteor-M No. 2

2014 July 3: New page: The second launch of the N1 rocket

2014 June 30: New page: LK/LK-1 project

2014 June 26: Update: Angara home page

2014 June 17: New pages: URM-1 and URM-2 rocket modules of the Angara family

2014 May 28: New page: Soyuz TMA-13M (Expedition 40/41)

2014 May 19: New page: VR-3 rocket

2014 April 20: Update: Spektr-RG — project status report for 2013, 2014, history, technical details, info

2014 April 18: Update: NIP-16 in Yevpatoria — a photo-essay from the location

2014 April 15: New page: Egyptsat-2

2014 April 8: New page: Second stage of the Soyuz rocket

2014 April 7: New page: First stage of the Soyuz rocket

2014 April 6: New page, Angara-1: Angara-1 to inaugurate new rocket family

2014 April 2: New page, Sentinel-1A: Soyuz launches European radarsat

2014 April 2: New section: 3MV project:

2014 March 25: New page: Soyuz TMA-12M (Expedition 39/40)

2014 March 24: New page, NIP-16 ground station: Crimean space connection

2014 March 4: New page: ExoMars to pave the way for soil sample return (Expedition-M project)

2014 Feb. 21: New page: First launch of the N1 rocket

2014 Feb. 20: New page: Proton missions in 2014

2014 Feb. 16: New page: Hot breath of Kholod

2014 Feb. 5: New page: Proton launch with Turksat-4A satellite

2014 Feb. 5: New pages: Mission of Progress M-22M; Soyuz rocket missions in 2014

2014 Feb. 3: New page, NEM-1: Russia works on a new-generation space module

2014 Jan. 29: New page, Vehicle 212: Cruise missile is born in the midst of “Great terror”

2014 Jan. 27: New page, Vostochny: Construction in Vostochny to enter critical phase in 2014

2014 Jan. 20: New page, Vostochny: Vostochny turns from clay to stone in 2013

2014 Jan. 14: Update: info, imagery: Persona reconnaissance satellite

2014 Jan. 8: Update, Soyuz-2-3 launch vehicle: Triumph of Soyuz-2-1v opens door to future launchers

2014 Jan. 2: New page, Luna 1: USSR launches the first artificial planet

2013 Dec. 31: Update (Laplas-P mission): Russia funds a proposal to land on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede

2013 Dec. 26: New page: Proton launches Ekspress-AM5 communications satellite

2013 Dec. 21: New page: Soyuz-2-1v to fly its maiden mission

2013 Dec. 19: New page: Russia plans star-mapping satellite

2013 Dec. 18: New section: Visual history of astronomical tools

2013 Dec. 8: New page: Proton launches Inmarsat-5 F1 satellite

2013 Nov. 22: New page: Rockot successfully launches Swarm satellites

2013 Nov. 17: New page: Strizh rescue suit for Buran pilots

2013 Nov. 3: New page: Anapa asteroid-orbiting mission

2013 Oct. 29: New page: Arktika satellite network

2013 Oct. 19: New page: Proton mission to launch Sirius FM-6 satellite

2013 Oct. 17: New page: Space developments in 2023

2013 Oct. 14: New page: Kaskad launcher family proposal

2013 Oct. 9: New page: Mayak launcher

2013 Oct. 3: New page: Angara-5P;

2013 Oct. 1: New page: Russian manned space program strategy in 2010s;

2013 Sept. 29: Updated and expanded: A virtual guide to the Proton rocket (Home page);

2013 Sept. 27: New page: A Proton mission to launch Astra-2E satellite;

2013 Sept. 23: New page: Soyuz TMA-10M mission;

2013 Sept. 19: New page: MAKS 2013 air and space show photo archive;

2013 Sept. 9: New page: Orlan MKS spacesuit;

2013 Sept. 4: New page: Cheget cosmonaut chair;

2013 Aug. 31: New page: Zenit launch with AMOS-4 satellite: info, imagery;

2013 Aug. 30: Update: PTK NP’s landing gear: Info, imagery;

2013 Aug. 29: Update: Descent module of PTK NP spacecraft: Info, imagery on the toilet system;

2013 Aug. 28: Update: PTK NP development in 2013: Info, imagery from MAKS-2013 air and space show;

2013 Aug. 21: Update: ExoMars 2018: info, imagery;

2013 Aug. 15: New page: Inflatable space structures;

2013 July 30: New page: Super-heavy launchers proposed by TsSKB Progress;

2013 July 27: New page: Progress M-20M mission;

2013 July 11: New page: Mars-69 missions;

2013 July 8: New pages, content split: Proton launch facilities in Baikonur:

2013 July 1: Content split, new page: GLONASS network section home; GLONASS satellite missions;

2013 June 25: Update: Obzor-R: info, imagery;

2013 June 24: Update: PTK NP development in 2013, Descent Module of PTK NP: info, imagery from Le Bourget;

2013 June 23: Update: Soyuz-5 rocket: info, imagery;

2013 June 21: New page: A Soyuz mission to launch O3b satellites;

2013 June 16: New page: Soyuz-5 rocket;

2013 June 12: New section: Missions of Vostok-5 and Vostok-6;

2013 June 2: New page: A Proton mission delivering SES-6 satellite;

2013 May 30: New page: Treadmill system on the Service Module of the ISS;

2013 May 28: New page: Soyuz TMA-09M;

2013 May 18: New page: Landing of Bion M No. 1 spacecraft;

2013 May 15: Update: PTK NP landing gear: imagery; Update: PTK NP development in 2013: info, imagery;

2013 May 15: New page: Sputnik-3 launch;

2013 May 13: New page: Plans for military uses of the N1 Moon rocket;

2013 May 5: New page: PTK NP spacecraft development in 2013;

2013 April 25: New page: Landing gear of PTK-NP spacecraft;

2013 April 23: New page: Bion-M No. 1 mission;

2013 April 22: New page: Vozvrat-MKA;

2013 April 18: New page: Bion project home page;

2013 April 15: New page: Proton mission to launch Anik G1 satellite;

2013 April 11: New page: Mars-3’s likely landing site;

2013 April 10: New page: Angara launch facility in Vostochny;

2013 April 7: New page: Luna-Glob mission status in 2013;

2013 March 28: New page: Soyuz TMA-08M;

2013 March 26: New page: Proton mission to launch SatMex-8 satellite;

2013 March 20: New page: Book review: Russia’s Future in Space, The Untold Story;

2013 March 10: New page: Mars sample return;

2013 March 6: Update: Crew module of the PTK NP spacecraft; (A series of renderings showing evolution of the crew module design from 2010 till today);

2013 Feb. 20: Update: PTK NP spacecraft development in 2012 (Info on the PTK NP emergency escape trajectory, flight test program, etc); Descent module, VA of the PTK NP spacecraft (Info);

2013 Feb. 18: New page: Crew module of the PTK NP spacecraft;

2013 Feb. 11: New page: Soyuz rocket launches in 2013;

2013 Feb. 4: New page: RD-170/171 engine;

2013 Jan. 31: New pages, virtual model, imagery, content split: Zenit launch vehicle;

2013 Jan. 30: Update: South-Korean Launch Vehicle, KSLV-1: A virtual model of the rocket, photos, info;

2013 Jan. 29: New page: Laser tracking facilities;

2013 Jan. 27: New page: Laplas mission to Jupiter and its moons;

2013 Jan. 23: New page: Bion biological research satellite;

2013 Jan. 20: New page: DALS instrument package from the L3 project;

2013 Jan. 18: New page: Hypersonic vehicles;

2013 Jan. 16: New page: Proton missions in 2013;

2013 Jan. 15: New page: Rodnik military communications satellite;

2013 Jan. 13: New page: Processing area in Vostochny;

2013 Jan. 9: New page: Yenisei-5 launch vehicle;

2013 Jan. 7: New page: Spektr-M orbital observatory; Update: PTK NP spacecraft development in 2012: info, imagery;

2013 Jan. 2: Content split, new pages and updates: Soyuz-2-1v home page;

2012 Dec. 26: New page: Spektr-UF;

2012 Dec. 18: New pages: Obzor-O; Obzor-R, Soyuz TMA-07M;

2012 Dec. 17: Updates: Araks and Persona projects (info, imagery);

2012 Dec. 14: New page: Proton launch with Yamal-402 satellite;

2012 Dec. 4: Update: PTK NP spacecraft development in 2012 (interactive graphic; artist renderings, info);

2012 Nov. 30: Update: Sodruzhestvo launch vehicle (interactive graphic of manned lunar version; artist renderings);

2012 Nov. 29: New page: Intergelio-Zond mission;

2012 Nov. 26: New pages: Persona; Resurs-P;

2012 Nov. 13: New pages: Plesetsk launch sites for Soyuz rockets;

2012 Nov. 10: New pages: Luna-Resurs lander;

2012 Nov. 7: Update: Karat (MKA-FKI) platform and new pages on its derivatives:

2012 Nov. 3: Update: Laika’s launch on Sputnik-2: Info, imagery;

2012 Oct. 29: New page: Soyuz launch complex in Vostochny;

2012 Oct. 22: New pages: Cuban missile crisis; Soyuz TMA-06M;

2012 Oct. 15: New page: Space flight to Langrangian points;

2012 Oct. 3: Update: Origin of the Sputnik project, Object-D (Sputnik-3) project; Design of a simplest satellite (Sputnik-1); Preparing for launch; Launch of Sputnik-1; Aftermath of Sputnik: Info, imagery;

2012 Sept. 30: Update: Status of the PTK NP project during 2012: Artist rendering of the PTK spacecraft and the Earth departure stage in lunar orbit;

2012 Sept. 24: New page: Status of the PTK NP project during 2012; Update: MLM (FGB-2) module: info, rendering, photography;

2012 Sept. 17: New page: MetOp weather-forecasting satellites;

2012 Aug. 15: New page: SKA radar satellite ;

2012 Aug. 11: New page: Vostok-3 and Vostok-4 dual mission ;

2012 Aug. 10: New page: Ekspress-1000N;

2012 Aug. 7: New page: Ekspress-MD2;

2012 Aug. 5: New page: ExoMars 2018;

2012 July 20: New page: Kanopus-V; Karat; Update: BelKA;

2012 July 14: New page: Soyuz TMA-05M; Update: Phobos-Grunt-2; Lunar plans in 2012;

2012 July 8: New page: Briz upper stage;

2012 May 14: New page: Docking systems;

2012 April 23: New page: Mission to Apophis;

2012 April 9: New page: Mercury-P;

2012 April 6: New page: Mars-NET;

2012 April 5: New page: Phobos-Grunt-2;

2012 April 4: New page: Plans for unmanned missions to the Moon as of 2012;

2012 Feb. 14: New page: Proton missions in 2012;

2012 Feb. 12: New page: Vega launch vehicle;

2012 Jan. 15: New page: Mars-96;

2011 Dec. 28: New page: Globalstar-2 missions;

2011 Dec. 24: New page: Meridian No. 5 launch failure;

2011 Dec. 23: New page: RD-0124 engine;

2011 Dec. 21: New page: Kosmos-482 (Venera-72 No. 671);

2011 Dec. 20: New page: Soyuz TMA-03M;

2011 Dec. 14: New page: Boris Chertok;

2011 Dec. 11: New page: Luch relay satellites;

2011 Dec. 10: New page: Phobos-Grunt reentry; Luch-5A relay satellite;

2011 Nov. 27: New page: Russian space industry in 2010s;

2011 Nov. 22: New page: ExoMars 2016, Zenit’s second stage;

2011 Nov. 8: New page: Launch of the Phobos-Grunt spacecraft;

2011 Nov. 7: New page: Phobos (Fobos) mission;

2011 Nov. 7: New page: Origin of the Phobos-Grunt mission;

2011 Oct. 30: Update: Naryad killer satellite system: info, imagery;

2011 Oct. 20: New page: Galileo satellite;

2011 Sept. 21: New page: Garpun military data relay satellite;

2011 Sept. 20: New page: Ekspress-AM4 communications satellite;

2011 Aug. 28: New page: RD-0110 engine; Stage III of the Soyuz rocket;

2011 Aug. 25: New page: Progress M-12M launch failure;

2011 Aug. 22: New page: MAKS-2011 photo report;

2011 Aug. 12: New page: Sich-2 satellite;

2011 Aug. 6: New page: Gherman Titov’s mission onboard Vostok-2;

2011 July 22: New page: Spektr-R orbital mission;

2011 July 7: New page: Rheinbote missile;

2011 June 30: New page: PTK NP project development during 2011;

2011 June 21: New page: Paris Air and Space Show in Le Bourget;

2011 June 13: New page: Phobos-Grunt development during 2011;

2011 June 13: Update: Luna-Resurs; Luna-Resurs landing; Luna-Glob: info, imagery on the latest architecture and flight scenarios;

2011 June 8: New page: Spektr-R home page;

2011 June 7: New page: Soyuz TMA-02M;

2011 May 20: New page: Proton operations in 2011;

2011 May 7: New page: Design of the Phobos-Grunt spacecraft;

2011 May 6: Update: RT-1 ballistic missile: info, imagery;

2011 April 26-27: New page: Excalibur-Almaz;

2011 April 18: New page: Russian space industry in 2000s;

2011 April 13: Update: Block D space tug: info, photography, artist rendering; Origin of the Vostok spacecraft: info, imagery;

2011 April 11: New page: The Vostok launch vehicle;

2011 April 10: Update and restructuring: Gagarin’s flight onboard Vostok;

2011 April 4: New page: Soyuz TMA-21;

2011 March 11: Update: Soyuz habitation module, RT-1 ballistic missile: info, imagery;

2011 March 10: Update: LK lunar lander: info, imagery;

2011 Feb. 25: New page: GLONASS-K;

2011 Feb. 1: New page: Geo-IK-2, Musson (Geo-IK) and Sfera geodetic satellites;

2011 Jan. 19: New page: Elektro-L weather satellite; Navigator spacecraft bus; Update: Fregat upper stage;

2010 Dec. 21: Update: Luna-Glob mission scenario: details, imagery;

2010 Dec. 15: New page: Venera-7;

2010 Dec. 13: New page: Soyuz TMA-20;

2010 Nov. 19: New page: Luna-Resurs landing;

2010 Nov. 17: New page: Phobos-Grunt mission scenario;

2010 Nov. 12: Update: Habitation module of the Soyuz spacecraft: info, imagery;

2010 Nov. 7: Update: PTK NP development in 2010: imagery – rendering of the expendable cargo-delivery vehicle;

2010 Nov. 2: New page: PTK-Z spacecraft;

2010 Oct. 25: Updated: Rus-M technical project, Vostochny facilities; info, imagery;

2010 Oct. 17: Updated: Landing system of the PTK NP spacecraft, OPSEK, PTK NP mods: info, visualization imagery;

2010 Oct. 11: Updated: Luna-Glob/Luna-Resurs: Mission status/science payload info; an image of the latest design for orbiters;

2010 Oct. 6: New page: Soyuz TMA-M series; Soyuz TMA-01M mission;

2010 Oct. 1: New page: Molniya rocket;

2010 Sept. 8: New page: Gonets/Strela;

2010 Sept. 6: Updated: Unmanned missions to the Moon: info;

2010 Aug. 12: New page: Luna-Glob;

2010 July 21-22: Update: PTK NP development in 2010: info, imagery;

2010 July 21: New page: Space at Farnborough 2010;

2010 July 7: Update: Soyuz-1 launcher: info, imagery;

2010 June 22: New page: Luna-24;

2010 June 21: New page: Spektr-RG;

2010 June 18: New page: NK-33 engine;

2010 June 15: New page: Soyuz TMA-19;

2010 May 26: Update: Phobos-Grunt preparation: soil sampler info, hardware images;

2010 May 14: New page: MIM1 Rassvet module of the ISS;

2010 May 2: New page: Space exploration in 2016;

2010 April 27: New page: Parus;

2010 April 16: New page: Kobalt-M;

2010 April 2: New page: Soyuz TMA-18;

2010 March 10: Update: Phobos-Grunt preparation: soil sampler replacement, test prototype images;

2010 Feb. 28: Update: IS, Naryad anti-satellite systems: info, imagery;

2010 Jan. 26: New page: PTK NP project during 2010;

2010 Jan. 20: New page: Node Module for the ISS;

2010 Jan. 12: New page: Progress-Centaur combination for cargo supply to the lunar orbit;

2010 Jan. 4-5: Update: Space exploration in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013: info, imagery;

2010 Jan. 1: New page: Space exploration in 2015;

2009 Dec. 25: Update: Space exploration in 2009;

2009 Dec. 20: New page: Soyuz TMA-17; update: Enterprise/MIM-1: US post-arrival images;

2009 Dec. 18: New page: NITs RKP space center, a.k.a. Zagorsk, Sergiev Posad, Peresvet;

2009 Dec. 15-17: Update: GLONASS network: info, imagery;

2009 Nov. 9: Update: ISS docking compartment/Mini-research module: interactive graphic, info, photos;

2009 Oct. 30: Update: Site 254 in Baikonur: info, photos;

2009 Oct. 24: Update: Phobos-Grunt preparation: mission status, test prototype image;

2009 Oct. 7: New page: Venera-D;

2009 Sept. 28: Update: Site-250/Baiterek complex: info, imagery;

2009 Sept. 10: New page: Soyuz-1 rocket;

2009 Sept. 6: Update: Rus-M rocket: an artist rendering of the Rus-M launch with the PTK NP spacecraft;

2009 Sept. 2: Update: PPTS spacecraft: artwork reflecting data from MAKS-2009 – thermal protection tiles, laser-guided rendezvous system, aerodynamic flaps, rotating solar arrays, reconfigured sensors, antennas, propulsion and attitude control systems, an external umbilical from crew module to service module, reshaped forward thruster gondola on the crew module;

2009 Aug. 26: Update: Rus-M rocket: artist rendering of the Rus-M family based on official info from MAKS-2009; Phobos-Grunt: info, MAKS-2009 scale models imagery of the spacecraft, Chinese microsatellite;

2009 Aug. 25: Update: Angara rocket: Korean launch vehicle, KSLV, info;

2009 Aug. 24: Update: Rus-M rocket: info, photos from MAKS-2009;

2009 Aug. 21: Update: PPTS spacecraft: info, photos from MAKS-2009;

2009 Aug. 20: New page: MAKS-2009 highlights;

2009 July 20: Update: LK lunar lander: virtual model of the spacecraft;

2009 July 3: New page: OPSEK: Russian-European plans to succeed the ISS: info, imagery, animation;

2009 June 26: Update: ARD: info, imagery on Phase A work;

2009 June 24: Update: Angara rocket: info, imagery;

2009 June 23: Update: Fregat upper stage: S5.92 engine info, imagery; Rus-M: development info;

2009 June 22: Update: Phobos-Grunt: propulsion system, scale model info, imagery; PPTS: RKK Energia chief comments on the development budget; RD-0146: 1 to 5 model photo;

Angara-7: info, imagery from Le Bourget 2009;

2009 June 18: Update: Le Bourget 2009: Mars rover demo video; photos from the show;

2009 June 15: New page: Le Bourget 2009: Show highlights;

2009 June 4: Update: Launch vehicle for PPTS project: info based on the official tender documentation;

2009 May 25: Update: Phobos-Grunt mission details on pre-launch processing, based on Georgy Poleshyuk interview to the Russian media;

2009 May 13: New page: RD-0146: History of the project, technical estimates, imagery;

2009 May 5: New page: Development of the landing system for the PPTS spacecraft: info, animation and imagery of the possible PPTS emergency landing profile;

2009 April 28: Update: Russia’s next-generation spacecraft within PPTS project: Animation of the spacecraft touchdown;

2009 April 11: Update: Launch vehicle for PPTS project: info, photo, artist rendering;

2009 March 20: Update: Launch vehicle for PPTS project: Artist rendering of the launch vehicle proposed by RKK Energia, Angara-5P photo, info;

2009 March 19: Update: Launch vehicle for PPTS project: Artist rendering of the launch vehicle family based on RD-180 engine;

2009 March 17: New page: Launch vehicle for PPTS project;

2009 Feb. 22: Update: Soyuz, Vega launch pads in French Guiana. Construction, upgrades status;

2009 Feb. 12: Update: Military spacecraft: Artist rendering of the Strela-2M communications satellite;

2009 Feb. 8: Update: Phobos-Grunt mission composite of TV frames showing hardware assembly; official statement maintaining 2009 launch date;

2009 Feb. 1: Update: Russian plans for new space station; Star City transfer from Air Force to Roskosmos;

2009 Jan. 28: New page: Koronas-Foton project;

2009 Jan. 26: Update: Launch schedule for 2009;

2009 Jan. 9: Update: Russian space program in 2000-2010: Tender for the next-generation rocket for manned space flight;

2008 Dec. 30: Update: 2008 — Top 10 space achievements of the year;

2008 Nov. 24: Update: ARD: Artist rendering of the Advanced Reentry Vehicle;

2008 Nov. 15: New page: Spiral development: info, artwork, photography;

2008 Oct. 14: New page: Soyuz TMA-13 mission (The 18th long-duration expedition to the ISS);

2008 Oct. 9: Update: History of ACTS project: Artist renderings of launch-vehicles proposed for the next-generation spacecraft;

2008 Oct. 7: New page: Kummersdorf: info, on-location photos, historic imagery, cartography, artwork;

2008 Oct. 4: Update: The Hs-293 cruise missile, Blizna test site: photos, info;

2008 Sept. 8: New page: N1_ru – the first Russian language test page;

2008 Aug. 25: Update: History of ACTS project: Flight profile animation, still imagery: Launch; Technical information on the spacecraft; characteristics and project requirements;

2008 Aug. 20: Update: History of ACTS project: Flight profile animation: Deorbiting maneuver;

2008 Aug. 20: New page: Future missions: 2012, 2013, 2014;

2008 Aug. 14: Update: History of ACTS project: Flight profile animation: Orbit insertion;

2008 Aug. 11: Update: History of ACTS project: Artist renderings of the July 2008 configuration of the ACTS spacecraft and its flight phases;

2008 July 29: Update: ACTS project: New abstract page, artist rendering of the ACTS spacecraft interior;

2008 July 18: Update: ACTS project: Artist rendering of the ACTS spacecraft based on the configuration revealed at the Farnborough Air Show;

2008 July 15: Update: Early rocketry: info, imagery;

2008 July 10: Update: Soyuz TMA-12 mission: EVA info, info-graphic;

2008 June 23: New page: Preparing Phobos-Grunt for launch; Update: Phobos-Grunt project: Mass breakdown of the Phobos-Grunt mission;

2008 June 18: New page: Phobos-Grunt project: info, imagery on the final architecture of the mission;

2008 June 15: Update: Russian space program in the first decade of the 21st century: info, imagery on Russia’s science and planetary missions;

2008 June 8: New page: ILA-2008: Photo-reportage from the Berlin air and space show;

2008 June 4: Update: ACTS project: information, artist renderings on the latest version of the ACTS spacecraft;

2008 May 29: Update: European manned spacecraft: information, photography from the ILA-2008 show in Berlin;

2008 April 28: Update: Soyuz TMA-11 mission: account of landing incident, artist renderings;

2008 April 7: New page: Soyuz TMA-12 mission;

2008 March 17: Updated: ATV: History of the program;

2008 March 16: New page: Atmospheric Reentry Demonstrator, ARD; Update: ATV: Video, photos of the launch;

2008 March 6-9: Update: Kourou launch site; ATV spacecraft: initial imagery from the trip to French Guiana;

2008 March 4: New page: ATV: History of the program;

2008 Feb. 19: New page: Lunar Orbital Station, LOS: Visualization of a conceptual design;

2008 Feb. 7: New page: Columbus laboratory module: European segment of the ISS;

2008 Feb. 2: Update: Soyuz/ACTS project: news; artist rendering of the ACTS crew module and the Soyuz spacecraft to scale;

2008 Jan. 24: Update: Soyuz/ACTS project: news/historical information; Svobodny/Vostochny: news/historical information;

2008 Jan. 5: Update: Soyuz/ACTS project: artist renderings of a prospective design of the Russian lunar lander;

2008 Jan. 3: New page: Russian space program: A decade review (2000-2010): History, imagery;

2007 Nov. 27: Update: Svobodny/Vostochny: Map of launch trajectories and first stage drop zones

2007 Nov. 26: New page: Soyuz ACRV: History, imagery

2007 Nov. 20: Update: Origin of the Soyuz/ACTS project: info-graphic of Soyuz, ATV and Soyuz/ACRV vehicles to scale

2007 Nov. 17: New page: Sea Launch: a sea-based launch site

2007 Nov. 2: New page: Sputnik-2: The 50th anniversary of Laika’s launch: history, photos, illustrations, animation of the mission

2007 Oct. 7: Update: Site 112 in Baikonur: imagery

2007 Sept. 29: Update: Sputnik design: imagery, technical information

2007 Sept. 24: New page: Biography of Mikhail Tikhonravov, a pioneer of the Soviet rocketry and space program

Update: Ground control (Sputnik tracking info):

2007 Sept. 6: Update: The Hs-293 cruise missile: Hardware photos; historic imagery

2007 Aug. 2: Update: Svobodny: info on the closure of the facility; plans for the new launch site in the Far East

2007 June 21: Update: Soyuz/ACTS project: animation, still imagery of the docking between Soyuz ACTS spacecraft and the KVRB space tug

2007 May 28: Update: Soyuz ACTS: artist renderings of the Soyuz/Fregat combination, description of additional lunar mission scenarios

2007 May 14: Update: The R-7 rocket: artist renderings, historic imagery, information

2007 April 24: Update: video of the 8th Dnepr launch

2007 March 2: New page: ACTS development history

2007 Feb. 7: Update: Artist rendering of the Progress M2 spacecraft

2007 Feb. 1: New page: The Zenit-3SL rocket failure on the Sea Launch platform

2007 Jan. 17: New page: 2007 in space: Trends and developments, 2008, 2009, 2010

2007 Jan. 12: Update: Korolev: biography, historic and contemporary imagery

2006 Nov. 4: Update: Soyuz/ACTS project: mission scenario info, artist renderings, animation of circumlunar flight

2006 Sept. 26: Update: Soyuz/ACTS project: artist rendering of the early European-Russian cooperation concept

2006 July 27: New page: BelKA remote-sensing satellite

2006 July 11: Update: Dombarovskiy ICBM and space launch site: cartography, imagery, historic data

2006 June 15: New page: Resurs-DK remote-sensing satellite

2006 June 12: Update: Follow-on to the TKS spacecraft: proposals to the government tender on the Kliper project

2006 May 27: New page: Compass science satellite

2006 May 25: New page: Soyuz-2-3 launch vehicle

2006 March 30: New page: ISS mission chronology (a complete list of past and future ISS missions

2006 March 29: New page: The Soyuz TMA-8 mission

2006 March 26: Update: Kliper in 2006: animation and still imagery of the Kliper docking with the Parom orbital tug

2006 Feb. 19: New page: Mir chronology (year by year)

2006 Feb. 18: Updated and expanded: Kliper, (abstract page)

2006 Jan. 2: Update: Parom orbital tug – information and imagery on the cargo carrier

2005 Oct. 10: Update: Soyuz-3 launch vehicle – Artist rendering of the Soyuz-3 launch, carrying the Kliper spacecraft

2005 Oct. 1: New page: Soyuz TMA-7 mission

2005 Sept. 18: Update: Kliper spacecraft – 3D imagery of separation of the launch vehicle adapter and propulsion module

2005 Sept. 2: Update: Kliper spacecraft – 3D animation of the spacecraft orbital insertion

2005 Sept. 1: Update: Kliper spacecraft – 3D animation of the spacecraft segmentation

2005 Aug. 30: Update: Kliper spacecraft – infographic of the spacecraft segmentation

2005 July 24: New page: Kourou launch site

2005 June 23: Update: Kliper spacecraft – Photos of the latest version mockup in Le Bourget

2005 June 9: Update: Kliper spacecraft – 3D animation and rendering of orbital insertion

SpaceX prepares for first of many Starlink launches in 2020 – SpaceFlight Insider

Spaceflight Insider

Sixty Starlink satellites in their launch configuration before being encapsulated in the Falcon 9’s payload fairing. Photo Credit: SpaceX

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — 2020 looks to be a big year for space. The next twelve months could see the U.S. regain a long-lost capability and another rover should be sent on its way to the Red Planet. SpaceX is planning to kick off 2020 with the launch of the next batch of Starlink satellites.

SpaceX is scheduled to launch its next batch of 60 Starlink satellites with a Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket on January 3, 2020, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s Space Launch Complex 40. The two-hour launch window will open unofficially at 10:24 p.m. EST (14:24 GMT). The mission has been delayed several times, most recently from a few days earlier in late December.

SpaceX’s fleet of Starlink spacecraft are being placed on orbit to help provide broadband internet services to areas with less coverage. Photo Credit: SpaceX

Although designated Starlink 2, this mission will actually be the third launch of 60 Starlink satellites at a time. The spacecraft are destined to become part of the Starlink mega-constellation which will be stationed in low-Earth orbit (LEO), providing broadband internet connectivity to underserved areas of the planet, as well as competitively-priced service to urban areas.

The prior two Starlink missions were successfully launched in May and again in November 2019. Of the 120 satellites contained in those two missions, all but three are believed to be “healthy.”

Since the most recent Starlink launch this past November, there have been a number of noteworthy program developments:

– The orientation of the initial 1,500 satellites has been altered significantly. Rather than being arrayed in 24 orbital planes, with 66 satellites in each plane, the plan is to now place them in 72 orbital planes, with 22 satellites in each plane. All of these initial satellites will orbit the Earth at an altitude of about 340 miles (547 km) above the Earth (well above the International Space Station that resides at roughly 200-220 miles altitude).

– SpaceX has announced the timing of launches for the next two batches of Starlink satellites: Starlink 3 in about mid-January, and Starlink 4 in late January.

– The southern United States may be the first area to be served by Starlink, perhaps in time for the 2020 hurricane season (which takes place between June and November).

The Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket for the Starlink 2 mission will utilize the B1049 first stage booster. It will be the fourth flight for that particular booster core (its prior missions took place in September 2018, January 2019, and May 2019). SpaceX reportedly intends to retrieve that booster once again with drone ship Of Course I Still Love You off the coast of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean.

The 60-satellite payload of Starlink 2 is expected to be about the same as Starlink 1, weighing in at 34,400 pounds (15,600 kg). That’s the heaviest payload by far for a Falcon 9 rocket, and is even heavier than the December 2019 Atlas V Starliner payload at 28,660 pounds (13,000 kg). Other than the Starlink missions, the heaviest Falcon 9 payload has been the JCSAT-18/Kacific mission: 15,335 pounds (6,956 kg) which flew in December of 2019.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket burns an arc across the skies of Florida. Photo Credit: SpaceX

This article was edited at 4:18 p.m. EDT until we can confirm information that had been posted

Jim Siegel

Jim Siegel comes from a business and engineering background, as well as a journalistic one. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, an MBA from the University of Michigan, and executive certificates from Northwestern University and Duke University. Jim got interested in journalism in 2002. As a resident of Celebration, FL, Disney’s planned community outside Orlando, he has written and performed photography extensively for the Celebration Independent and the Celebration News. He has also written for the Detroit News, the Indianapolis Star, and the Northwest Indiana Times (where he started his newspaper career at age 11 as a paperboy). Jim is well known around Celebration for his photography, and he recently published a book of his favorite Celebration scenes. Jim has covered the Kennedy Space Center since 2006. His experience has brought a unique perspective to his coverage of first, the space shuttle Program, and now the post-shuttle era, as US space exploration accelerates its dependence on commercial companies. He specializes in converting the often highly technical aspects of the space program into contexts that can be understood and appreciated by average Americans.

Space Coast Rocket Launches Archives, King Rentals, Rentals, Inc

Space Coast Rocket Launches

Space Coast Rocket Launch – Information for Cape Canaveral rocket launches including SpaceX Falcon9, SpaceX Falcon Heavy, ULA Atlas 5, ULA Delta IV, Northrup Grumman PegasusXL, and more.

Falcon 9 GPS 3-01 Launching Tuesday the 18th, December 2018

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

This Tuesday, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will once again launch from Florida’s Space Coast. The rocket launch is scheduled for 9:11am – 9:35am on December 18th from Launch Complex SLC-40 in Cape Canaveral. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the U.S. Air Force’s first third-generation navigation satellite for the Global Positioning System. The second GPS 3-series satellite will now launch on a Delta 4

The rocket launch will be visible for most of the surrounding Space Coast. Our beautiful beaches are popular launch viewing locations. Jetty Park, Port Canaveral, and the Cocoa Beach Pier are also popular viewing spots. The weather forecast for Friday indicates partly cloudy skies with scattered thunderstorms across Central Florida. Check your local weather station for up to date weather reports.

For more information about the launch and the upcoming launch schedule on the Space Coast, visit the official Kennedy Space Center website. Learn more about SpaceX and look out for the launch livestream at If you are planning to visit the Space Coast and are in need of accommodations, give us a call at (321)-784-5046 or e-mail us at [email protected]!

EDIT 12/18/18: The launch was scrubbed and has been rescheduled for shortly after 9:00am on Wednesday, December 19, 2018.

Falcon 9 Launching Tuesday, December 4th

Image by Michael Deep, SpaceFlight Insider

Don’t miss one of the final launches of 2018! SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will launch from Florida’s Space Coast, Tuesday, December 4th, before landing on the Of Course I Still Love You drone ship. Tuesday’s mission will bring a new load of cargo, including supplies and science experiments to the astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The rocket launch is scheduled for 1:38pm from Launch Complex 40 in Cape Canaveral.

The rocket launch will be visible for most of the surrounding Space Coast. Our beautiful beaches are popular launch viewing locations. Jetty Park, Port Canaveral, and the Cocoa Beach Pier are also popular viewing spots. The weather forecast for Friday indicates partly cloudy skies with scattered thunderstorms across Central Florida. Check your local weather station for up to date weather reports.

For more information about the launch and the upcoming launch schedule on the Space Coast, visit the official Kennedy Space Center website. Learn more about SpaceX and look out for the launch livestream at If you are planning to visit the Space Coast and are in need of accommodations, give us a call at (321)-784-5046 or e-mail us at [email protected]!

Falcon 9 Launching from Cape Canaveral This Thursday

This Thursday, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will once again launch from Florida’s Space Coast. The rocket launch is scheduled for 3:46pm with a 2-hour window, November 15th from Launch Complex 39A in Cape Canaveral. SpaceX will attempt to land the Falcon 9 rocket’s first stage on the recovery platform drone ship Of Course I Still Love You. Thursday’s launch will deliver Es’Hail 2, a consumer television and radio communications satellite to geostationary orbit.

The rocket launch will be visible for most of the surrounding Space Coast. Our beautiful beaches are popular launch viewing locations. Jetty Park, Port Canaveral, and the Cocoa Beach Pier are also popular viewing spots. The weather forecast for Friday indicates partly cloudy skies with scattered thunderstorms across Central Florida. Check your local weather station for up to date weather reports.

For more information about the launch and the upcoming launch schedule on the Space Coast, visit the official Kennedy Space Center website. Learn more about SpaceX and look out for the launch livestream at If you are planning to visit the Space Coast and are in need of accommodations, give us a call at (321)-784-5046 or e-mail us at [email protected]!

Rare Northrop Grumman PegasusXL Launch

Image from

After several delays, NASA and Northrop Grumman (NGC) are launching the ICON spacecraft this November. ICON will be delivered to orbit aboard NGC’s Pegasus XL rocket, which is launched from the air over the Atlantic Ocean. ICON’s mission is to “explore a zone in our atmosphere where Earth weather and space weather meet.” After a recent delay, a new launch window has yet to be announced.

For more information about the launch and the upcoming launch schedule on the Space Coast, visit the official Kennedy Space Center website. Learn more about Northrop Grumman’s space program, visit the official Northrop Grumman website. If you are planning to visit the Space Coast and are in need of accommodations, give us a call at (321)-784-5046 or e-mail us at [email protected]!

ULA’s Atlas V Lifts Off on October 17th

Photograph courtesy of NASA

United Launch Alliance (ULA) will be launching an Atlas V rocket on October 17th from Cape Canaveral. The launch is set to liftoff at 12:15am, carrying the AEHF-4 satellite to orbit. The craft, developed by Lockheed Martin, is a military communications satellite. Since the launch is outside of normal business hours, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will not be open for launch viewing.

The rocket launch will be visible for most of the surrounding Space Coast. Our beautiful beaches are popular launch viewing locations. Jetty Park, Port Canaveral, and the Cocoa Beach Pier are also popular viewing spots. Check your local weather station for up to date weather reports.

For more information about the launch and the upcoming launch schedule on the Space Coast, visit the official Kennedy Space Center website. Learn more about ULA and look out for the launch livestream on the official ULA website. If you are planning to visit the Space Coast and are in need of accommodations, give us a call at (321)-784-5046 or e-mail us at [email protected]!

Spaceflight insider launch schedule

Spaceflight insider launch schedule

NASASpaceflight L2 Subscription Sections

L2 Master Section. From L2 Space Shuttle to everything that is not already in a specific L2 home.

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L2 SpaceX Section – All vehicles, All missions (past, present and long-term future) – including All Pads and All Facilities, Exclusive hi-res photos/video and high-level discussion/evaluation.

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New L2 Section covering ULA and Blue Origin vehicles and facilities.

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L2 NGIS Section – Pegasus/Antates/StratoLaunch/OmegA/Cygnus – From Boosters to CRS.

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L2 Specific ISS Section, full of unreleased presentations, videos, photos, status updates more.

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L2 Section for Commercial Cargo/Crew Vehicles from early CCP to Dream Chaser and Starliner.

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Exclusive content, from historical Russian vehicles, exclusive Buran videos, to Soyuz and RSC Energia’s next-gen vehicles.

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L2 section for Orion and Future Vehicles. Includes archive of CxP vehicles.

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L2 Section for SLS. Exclusive presentations, videos, updates – covers Ares V onwards.

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Huge archive of stunning hi-res photos, from exclusive hardware shots to unreleased on-orbit mission photos.

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Unreleased presentations/photos/videos from the first days of Cape Canaveral, through to Saturn/Apollo and the early days of shuttle.

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L2 section containing amazing unreleased videos, from riding on the flight decks of orbiters through re-entry, launch and mission videos, to technical evaluation videos.

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Section for site development news, new member help, site rules and questions

A section for crowdsourcing NSF’s community talent from design work to coding to moderating and writing. Join the NSF team.

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General Discussion

All things Space Flight related.

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Space Politics Section ranging from the Augustine Review onwards

Read Only unless a L2 member to avoid political trolling.

Major Live Events hosted in this section, including the latest news from around the world of space flight

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Missions that were, or will never be.

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In-works and future conceptual ideas of space flight, from Nuclear Propulsion to Tethers and beyond.

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New Forum Section for space technology concepts that rely on non-conventional physics – such as EM Drive.

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A collection of Q&A threads. Search for an answer, or post a new question in one of the Q&A threads

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A section dedicated to model builders of NASA and space hardware, space related movies, books and entertainment.

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A section for those looking for education and career advice for getting into the field of Aerospace.

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A newly revamped section for NSF Videos Under Construction

A new section for polls (Including some old ones)

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International Space Station (ISS)

Live Expedition coverage and the latest news from the ISS

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New section for in-space hardware, such as Prop Depots, Bigelow Modules, etc.

SLS / Orion / Beyond-LEO HSF – Constellation

Section for the Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle (HLV) or Space Launch System (SLS). Home of DIRECT’s Jupiter, SD HLVs and other HLVs

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News and updates specific to manned exploration vehicles, such as Orion and Lander concepts

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Section dedicated to HSF missions to NEAs

Forum section dedicated on HSF Missions To The Moon (EM-1 etc).

Forum section dedicated on HSF Missions To Mars

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Section for the cancelled Constellation Ares I and associated testing.